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What are nootropics and how to use them? Which protocols do you need to enhance performance?

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The brain is a sophisticated organ that translates chemical reactions and electrical impulses into a vast range of experiences, behaviors, and knowledge. It comprises a billion-neuron network that communicates through chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. They carry chemical messages between the brain and the rest of the body and are grouped with receptors to make up a system. Each neurotransmitter system has its specific actions in the nervous system. Nootropics work by increasing the efficiency of the neurotransmitters and pathways related to cognitive function.

How to use nootropics?

Learn about natural nootropics, best nootropic stacks, and homemade nootropics stacking. Here, discover helpful details on how to buy and use nootropics, as well as build your own supplements regime. For a parallel search go for the best nootropic stack Reddit recommendations. 

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Collecting natural ingredients is a legacy of our ancestors who were skilled crafters in making herbs into complex nootropic prescriptions. The modern era of nootropics started in the lab during the discovery of the synthetic compound Piracetam in the 1960s. Whether natural or synthetic, an individual ingredient is a nootropic only if it improves cognition and does not pose a danger of neurotoxicity and side effects. What are the most beneficial synthetic nootropics nowadays, and how are natural extracts essential for cognitive support?

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Technology gives us the advantages of making better herbal extracts and enables more precise dosage management. When making a ready-made nootropic supplement, the ingredients are easier to mix to achieve the best synergistic effect. When made with quality, premade stacks are backed up with a ton of research and use the best forms of their ingredients. Creating an identical stack at home will cost you more and requires experience, so buying a supplement like this will save you time and money. 

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There are about 90 researched nootropics that give you the ability to combine a stack. They may offer many effects regarding what you expect from your regime. The method is not too simple, but in this nootropic stack guide, you’ll find it all to start your own experiments. From using the ingredients to having the right goal in your mind. Many supplements have a potent effect that is not dosage-dependent and varies from person to person. Depending on what you combine and what doses you take, always learn from examples.

Nootropics FAQs

The best nootropics promote brain cell health by supporting maintenance, growth, and recovery for peak cerebral performance. 

The nootropic supplement is designed to create a very specific mental state in the user. It that can be taken to improve mental performance in healthy people. We use cannabinoids, nootropics, Chinese medicine herbs, adaptogenic herbs from Ayurveda, and medicinal mushrooms to create that effect. 

Each nootropic alters a different physiological process in the body. Sometimes this change in balance will have a cascading effect that can produce side effects. In fact, all synthetically produced compounds will have side effects. So it is important to know the mechanism of action, and the byproducts of the action in order to create a safe experience for one’s self. You may experience a short-term brain boost, but you could also end up harming your brain (or some other aspect of your health) in the long run.

The brain literally shapes itself differently based on how we move our body, what we think about, and everything else we do. The real question is, ‘is it developing the way we want it to?’ Every year people abuse nootropics and end up in the hospital. Sometimes, it’s not even abuse, it’s just that they make a small mistake trying to play neuroscientist. Then nootropics get in the news in a bad way, and many people become turned off.

Nootropic stacks reviews

Supplement Seneca Nootropics Complex for energy and mental health

Intelligent Labs only sell essential supplements that can make a significant difference to our health and performance – and that would otherwise be hard to get into our diets. The health products are very clean and don’t use fillers, artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives. Seneca Nootropic Complex is manufactured at an NSF GMP-certified facility in the United States. This incredible stack is a product of 5 years planned by a scientific research team. They worked on a new nootropic blend that can combine 6 botanical nootropics, mostly used in Eastern and Ayurvedic medicine, with 6 necessary B vitamins and 6 nootropic compounds. This abundant stimulant-free nootropic stack of 18 ingredients is a primer for good focus and concentration. Also, for boosting energy, mental health, and better sleep.

Supplement Mind Lab Pro for Universal Benefits

Mind lab pro review - bottle and two capsules on the table
Mind Lab Pro - 100% Brainpower

Mind Lab Pro® is a classic dietary supplement and nootropic to discover. It’s an example of how a good stack should work for universal goals like memory, mental clarity, focus, mood and stress resistance, clean energy, and brain repair. Mind Lab Pro® is still the gold industry standard when considering pre-formulated stacks with quality ingredients. Today, when new nootropic supplements have versatile advantages, MLP is still a decaffeinated and effective formulation that keeps pace with the times. Opti-Nutra has created this stack to target and unlocks the potential of every area of your brain, not just a few brain pathways, all completely in natural mode. Even the capsules are plant-based, recyclable, and biodegradable. Great for beginners and advanced users.

Supplement Qualia Mind for Cognition & Flow State

a bottle of Qualia Mind in hand
Qualia Mind - Do something meaningful

Neurohacker Collective uses complex systems science to research and develop its products. Instead of overriding regulatory systems with chemicals designed to move biomarkers in a particular direction, this approach focuses on supporting the body to self-regulate. Ingredients in this progressive nootropic stack boost levels of neurotrophins like Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) to promote neuronal survivalneuroplasticity, and synaptogenesis through different signaling pathways. That increases cognition, mood, clarity, and memory. Qualia Mind is a great nootropic stack for motivation as it boosts mitochondrial health for more energy, and reduces anxiety without draining your body. A complete game-changer.

Supplement STAQ Performer for Focus, Energy & Brainpower

STAQ Performer review - bottle of supplement
STAQ Performer - Bigger wings than Redbull

STAQ Performer is birthed from the minds of health experts and entrepreneurs. It displays all the benefits high-achievers need to stay at the top of the game. The nootropics stack for excellent focus, balanced energy, and good mental capability. Performer helps remove brain fog and reduce feelings of stress to help you work more easily. It supplies an intriguing 3-in-1 brain formula to unlock the real potential of being in the flow state. Also, the ingredients fight harmful pathogens and balance immune health. It is much more than a caffeinated energy supplement due to the addition of several good quality nootropics in doses that beat their competitors. The STAQ has some great ingredients known to promote the growth of nerve cells, fight free radicals, and repair brain cells. 

Supplement CILTEP (NEUROFUEL™) for Long-term Memory and Sharp Focus

Picture of the CILTEP (NEUROFUEL) supplement bottle and capsules
CILTEP (NEUROFUEL™) - Community-driven

Years after the unexpected and famous discovery, the popular CILTEP formula still has it all. Despite being rebranded as NEUROFUEL™, and despite its apparent simplicity, this stack remained a favorite memory supplement copycat by the biohacking community. CILTEP is a combination of three pharmacological classes of chemicals that works synergically. It is a nutraceutical composition for PDE4 inhibition, enhanced dopamine metabolism, and long-term potentiation (LTP), as reported to the US Patent Office. NEUROFUEL ™ appears to have the first-rate efficiency among OTC supplements. Unlike many trendier products marketed as the ‘most powerful nootropics.’  It’s based on natural principles and could combine well with other nootropics. 

Supplement THRIIV for Cognitive Enhancement & CBD Benefits

Bottle of THRIIV supplement
THRIIV - Better than coffee

THRIIV has potential due to the formulation of potent nootropics for ultimate performance. It is a different energy supplement with its own patented CBD phytochemicals mixed in the formula. Nootripure Foundation is a neuroscience-based nonprofit organization with a mission to support mental health. Their supplements focus on targeted biological delivery systems that allow our bodies to absorb the nutrients at the right time, reducing the side effects of medicinal compounds. They’ve created THRIIV with multi-dimensional analytical models used to see all the interactions of ingredients in your brain. The innovative patented caffeine in this supplement gives you stability without an energy crash. An excellent supplement that offers an energy boost and relaxing effect.

Supplement NooCube for Natural Nootropics Great for Beginners

NooCube Brain Productivity bottle on the table
NooCube - Natural smart drug

NooCube popularity in the last few years of company growth revealed an increasing demand for popular natural nootropics. It is proof of their effectiveness in enhancing brain function and memory. The ingredients in NooCube are some of the oldest people know and among the most researched for strengthening cognitive function. Today, they have been rediscovered and are standard in good brain supplements. NooCube is popular support without caffeine for focus, mental speed, and memory. From college students seeking an extra boost to get through studies to the professionals pursuing the edge in the high-pressure corporate world. NooCube is one of the more affordable pre-made supplements that has survived among the ever-improving new nootropics. 

Where to buy nootropics?

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