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What is nootropics?

Our brain is an unbelievably sophisticated organ that translates chemical reactions and electrical impulses into a wide range of experiences, behaviors, and knowledge. It consists of a billion-neuron network. Neurons communicate with each other through chemical messengers, called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters carry chemical messages between the brain and the rest of the body and they are grouped with receptors to make up a system. Each neurotransmitter system has its own set of specific actions in the nervous system. Nootropics work by increasing the efficiency of systems related to cognitive function.

ways to use nootropics

natural and synthetic nootropics

Natural nootropics are a legacy of our ancestors, who were great craftsmen in the art of stacking several plants and herbs into a complex prescription. The modern term ‘nootropic’ was coined in the lab with the discovery of synthetic compound Piracetam. Being natural or synthetic, the compound is considered to be ‘nootropic’ only if it improves cognition and neural protection, not posing the threat of neurotoxicity or serious side effects. Nootropics are also known as ‘Smart drugs’ – but this term is often misused by brands or else misunderstood by consumers.

nootropic blend

Today, the technology process give us a much purer form of plant extracts and provide more precise dosage management. This is of the greatest value when it comes to combining or stacking the most powerful and complementary nootropic supplements to achieve the best synergistic effect. When they are great, formulated blends are back up with a ton of research. That’s why the pre-made blends have their advantages. It will cost you more to build an identical stack and you’ll save yourself time with blends. The only question is what goal you want a supplement to deliver.

diy nootropic stack

In fact, there are nearly hundred of well-researched nootropics, giving you the ability to create a stack for yourself. That offers many benefits regarding of what you expect from your supplements. This method can be gold, but you must have the right goal on your mind and a lot of patience. Many supplements have a very potent effect that is not necessarily dosage dependent and varies from person to person and our individual biochemistry.  Depending on what you combine and what ingredients you take in doses,  you should be very cautious about where you are buying it.

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  • Every man’s memory is his private literature.

    Aldous Huxley

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best nootropics

Mind Lab Pro | Universal Nootropic formula

Mind Lab Pro® is a classic ”nutraceutical” and nootropic to discover. It’s an example of how good stack should work. For goals like memory, mental performance, mood and stress resistance, maintenance, and brain repair. Mind Lab Pro® is still the golden industry standard when considering pre-made stacks. Even today when new stacks tend to be more advantageous MLP has its universal formulation, potent to the point that it should always work. Opti-Nutra created this stack to target and unlock the potential of every area of your brain, not just a few brain pathways as what most companies presented in their blends. Mind Lab Pro® is completely in natural mode. Even the capsules are plant-based, not a semi-synthetic polymer used by others. The packaging is also recycled and biodegradable. 

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THRIIV | the Premium cognitive enhancement & CBD Driven Nootropic

Numerous stacks have potential with the pure selection of fantastic nootropics. Yet their source ingredients do not always provide such an effective outcome. While you can get great solutions that blend natural or synthetic nootropics right into an ‘energy’ formula, none of them actually have the patented CBD content in it. That is the game changer here as well as it boosts THRIIV and what is capable of. Made by Nootripure Laboratories, THRIIV has the highest possible purity and also potency components, produced with multi-dimensional analytical models use of to see all interactions of the ingredients in your brain. Making use of a nanotechnology process here includes stability without a crash after the impact wears off. A very cool supplement that feels powerful and acts relaxing and safe.


CILTEP | all-natural enhancer for long-term memory and focus

Eight years after the random discovery the popular CILTEP is still here. One of the longest-running products in the nootropic community, this 100% natural stack has all the advantages from the competition despite its apparent simplicity. That’s because CILTEP is a combination of three pharmacological classes of chemicals rather than stacking ‘the most potent nootropic ingredients’ together to see what is their synergistic effect. It is a nutraceutical composition for PDE4 inhibition, enhanced dopamine metabolism, and long term potentiation (LTP), as reported to the US Patent Office. CILTEP appears to have the first rate efficiency of the non-prescription smart drugs because it’s based on natural principles as well as welcomed from the community.

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Qualia Life | can turn back the clock on the aging process

Deep scientific research has revealed dozens of ingredients that fight parts of the aging process, but battling aging on the cellular level requires way more than 1 ingredient alone. Luckily, for the first time in history, a revolutionary startup has combined 39 of the world’s top ingredients to combat aging into one stunning new formula. This breakthrough product is called Eternus. It’s from the cutting edge startup Neurohacker Collective who is already renowned as game-changing formulators for their mental performance products.  Now after years of research, their top doctors and scientists have created a product designed to combat negative aging at the cellular level unlike anything ever before formulated. 

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NooCube | Tested natural nootropics for beginners

NooCube bid in the first years of company growth showed increasing demand for natural nootropics. In recent time especially. NooCube is popular among different age groups. From college students seeking an extra boost to get through studies, as well as to professionals pursuing the edge in the high-pressure corporate world. NooCube is one of the most reviewed supplements, successful among followers with no record of health complaints what so ever. Obviously, these nootropic ingredients are among the most researched as well as useful ones. NooCube bulk discounts offer a reason for a pretty decent value exchange. We could say, such a modern but old idea!

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