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infrared Sauna Space red light therapy
By NootropicBlend staff

In the ever-evolving landscape of holistic healing, a radiant beacon has emerged, casting its warm, rejuvenating glow upon the pursuit of optimal well-being. Red light therapy, a non-invasive and highly promising modality, has captured the attention of health enthusiasts, medical professionals, and scientific researchers alike, unveiling a world of possibilities that harness the remarkable power of specific light wavelengths.

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What are nootropics?

Picture of brain and neuron, what are nootropics?

The brain, a marvel of complexity, translates chemical reactions and electrical signals into a rich tapestry of experiences, behaviors, and knowledge. Its intricate billion-neuron network communicates via neurotransmitters, the messengers of chemical communication between the brain and body. These messengers interact with receptors, forming vital systems, each with distinct functions in the nervous system. Nootropics optimize this symphony by enhancing the efficiency of neurotransmitters and pathways responsible for cognitive prowess.

How to use nootropics?

Tap into your mind’s full potential using a combination of natural and/or lab-created nootropics. Discover the strategy of purchasing and effectively combining these cognitive enhancers. Explore our top recommendations for the ultimate experience in boosting brain function through nootropic stacks.

pills on a leaf; natural nootropics

Collecting natural ingredients is a legacy of our ancestors, who were skilled crafters in making herbs into complex nootropic prescriptions. The modern era of nootropics started in the lab during the discovery of the synthetic compound Piracetam in the 1960s. Whether natural or synthetic, an individual ingredient is a nootropic only if it improves cognition and does not pose a danger of neurotoxicity and side effects. What are the most beneficial synthetic nootropics nowadays, and how are natural extracts essential for cognitive support?

pre-made nootropics; bottle and capsules

Technology gives us the advantage of making better herbal extracts and enables more precise dosage management. When making a ready-made nootropic supplement, the ingredients are easier to mix to achieve the best synergistic effect. When made with quality, premade stacks are backed up with a ton of research and use the best forms of their ingredients. Creating an identical stack at home will cost you more and requires experience, so buying a supplement like this will save you time and money. 

homemade nootropic stacks

There are about 90 researched nootropics that give you the ability to combine a stack. They may offer many effects regarding what you expect from your regime. The method is not too simple, but in this nootropic stack guide, you’ll find it all to start your own experiments. From using the ingredients to having the right goal in your mind. Many supplements have a potent effect that is not dosage-dependent and varies from person to person. Depending on what you combine and what doses you take, always learn from examples.

Nootropic blend reviews

Nootropics for cognitive enhancement & Flow State

Qualia Mind review
Qualia Mind - The flow state at hand

Neurohacker Collective’s standout offering, Qualia Mind, shines as a cutting-edge nootropic stack renowned for its exceptional motivational benefits. By enhancing mitochondrial health, it unleashes elevated energy levels while concurrently alleviating anxiety without depleting the body’s resources. Qualia Mind emerges as a transformative game-changer, an optimal choice for those seeking substantial cognitive enhancement.

THRIIV review
THRIIV - Cognitive performance

THRIIV, from the Nootripure Laboratories, is a nootropic supplement crafted to elevate performance. It integrates the strongest ingredients, setting it apart in the realm of energy supplements. Notably, THRIIV stands out with its pioneering inclusion of patented CBD phytochemicals that besides an invigorating energy surge also introduce a tranquilizing dimension, setting the stage for a harmonious cognitive enhancement experience.

Nootropics for clean energy and mental health

Seneca Nootropic Complex review
Seneca Nootropic Complex - Clean mental energy

Intelligent Labs excels in offering pivotal supplements dedicated to enhancing both health and performance. The Seneca Nootropic Complex is a meticulously crafted blend that masterfully fuses 6 revered botanical nootropics from Eastern and Ayurvedic traditions with 6 crucial B vitamins and 6 potent nootropic compounds. This stimulant-free amalgamation is designed to elevate focus, concentration, energy, mental well-being, and sleep quality, encapsulating a comprehensive cognitive enhancement experience.

Mind Lab Pro review
Mind Lab Pro - Universal nootropic

Opti-Nutra, the company behind Mind Lab Pro®, has designed this stack to target and unlock the potential of every area of the brain, rather than just a few specific brain pathways. All the ingredients used in MLP are natural, and even the capsules are plant-based, recyclable, and biodegradable. Mind Lab Pro® is a highly regarded dietary supplement and nootropic that offers a range of benefits, including improved memory, mental clarity, focus, mood, stress resistance, clean energy, and brain repair. 

Nootropics for Sharp Focus and mental clarity

STAQ Performer review
STAQ Performer - Bigger wings than Redbull

STAQ Performer is a natural nootropic meticulously crafted by health visionaries and enterprising minds. Tailored to empower high-achievers in maintaining peak performance, this exceptional supplement boasts a distinctive 3-in-1 brain formula engineered to unleash the profound capabilities of achieving heightened focus and mental clarity. Beyond its cognitive prowess, STAQ boasts ingredients that combat detrimental pathogens and promote immune equilibrium, elevating it far beyond the realm of a mere caffeinated energy booster.

NEUROFUEL™ (CILTEP) - Long term memory

CILTEP is a long-span formula that endures as a favored memory-enhancing and focus supplement within the biohacking sphere. Now it is rebranded under the new moniker NEUROFUEL™. Beneath a seemingly straightforward facade lies a potent fusion of three distinct pharmacological categories of ingredients that synergistically interplay. Rooted in natural principles, NEUROFUEL™ seamlessly integrates with other nootropics, a testament to its allure within the biohacking sphere and even among prominent figures. 

Where to buy nootropics?

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