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MoleQlar is a prominent longevity cooperation located in Berlin focusing on nutritional supplements. Their product range includes Uthever® NMN, Veri-te™ Resveratrol, Spermidine, Betaine, Carnosine, and many more, all aimed at lowering biological age and promoting health and longevity. They’re a newer players, founded by three medical students in 2020, but already have a look as authentic organization.

Today, let’s take a stroll through the world of MoleQlar. No frills, just straight talk about their products and what the buzz is all about NMN, a supplement causing ripples in the longevity space.

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Moleqlar review

Moleqlar categories


  • Uthever NMN

  • regeNAD (NAD Booster) GlyNAC (glycine & N-acetyl-cysteine) CaAKG (calcium alpha-ketoglutarate)

  • Resveratrol Quercetin Sulforapro (Sulforaphane)

  • Berbersome (Berber) Spermidine Carnosine powder Betaine (TMG)

  • Collagen (collagen peptides) Creatine (creatine monohydrate) Hyaluron (hyaluronic acid) Glucosamine (glucosamine sulfate)

  • Bestseller NMN; Cost per gram: 1.69 Euros

What Makes the Moleqlar good shopping?

We offer brand raw materials such as Uthever® NMN and Veri-te™ Resveratrol and offer them in different sizes and formulations. That’s why the pricing of our NMN is a little more expensive in contrast to the rest of the market. As we are aware of the price, we are planning a drop of the offer as well as frequent discounts on NMN. However, we have a quite fair price for Resveratrol and a pretty good offer of Spermidine in terms of the ingredients (3mg Spermidine per serving and higher).

– Moleqlar

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Plenty of options for longevity supplements with certificate. Competitive prices that have collected good reviews mostly from EU customers.

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Although an informative website, with a helpful Social presence, it could be done better

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MoleQlar’s Approach to Longevity

Beyond lifespan promises our commitment to increase healthspan. With high end quality products we want to live up the high expactations of our customers and ourselves. Every product is developed and produced by a high standard as well as precisely analysed by an independent laboratory. 

– Moleqlar

In recent times MoleQlar’s strategic acquisition was acquiring EpiQMAx, a proteome analysis and epigenetics company. This maneuver aligns with MoleQlar’s focus on longevity solutions, showcasing its commitment to advanced personalized health solutions in German-speaking countries but also selling worldwide.

The company’s commitment to functional medicine and optimized nutrition is evident in its diverse product range, addressing the core aspects of aging and health. Their supplements like high-absorption spermidine (crafted in Austria) and resveratrol were used in clinical trials.

MoleQlar's Bestsellers Uthever® NMN & Veri-te™ Resveratrol


Effepharm’s UTHEVER® NMN made in China takes the spotlight impacting the global supplement market. Partnering with well-known brands worldwide, including MoleQlar in the EU, UTHEVER® NMN establishes itself through clinical trials, reinforcing its safety and anti-aging potential.

The product, though on the pricier side, sparks curiosity due to its legal intricacies in Germany and Europe. Despite legal nuances, MoleQlar positions itself in the competitive supplement market, inviting users to ponder whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

Considering the price and the competitive landscape, whether MoleQlar’s Veri-te™ Resveratrol is worth the investment depends on personal preferences and budget considerations. As with any supplement, it’s essential to weigh the cost against factors like formulation quality, source transparency, and individual health goals before making a decision.

MoleQlar’s Resveratrol has been gaining attention for its potential health benefits. The 100-gram powder, priced at 90 Euros or around $100 USD, positions itself reasonably in the market. With a cost of $1.00 per gram, it’s not the cheapest option, but it also doesn’t break the bank.

It’s worth noting that the Resveratrol market has various players, and MoleQlar’s pricing falls in the mid-range. ProHealth takes the lead with a 15% discount, offering a more cost-effective option at $0.72 per gram.


MoleQlar’s Intracellular NAD Test

MoleQlar introduces in-house longevity innovations. Its Intracellular NAD Test was developed in cooperation with Vilnius University.

Key Features of MoleQlar’s NAD Test:

Moleqlar NAD test graphicPricing Strategy: Priced at €149, with a current discount of €14.90 (10% off), MoleQlar positions its NAD test as a valuable investment in understanding your cellular health.

Vital Role of NAD: NAD is highlighted as a vital molecule that stimulates essential cellular processes such as Sirtuins and PARP’s(R). The significance of NAD in cellular function makes this test a valuable asset.

Anti-Aging Connection: Acknowledging the dramatic decrease in NAD levels with age, MoleQlar emphasizes the potential corrective benefits of NAD boosting, aligning with the company’s focus on anti-aging solutions.

Ease of Use: A simple dry blood test engineered in Europe allows you to determine the level of NAD in your cells without the need for complex procedures

Customer Feedback Speaks Volumes

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of any business, and MoleQlar seems to be navigating this terrain well. Positive reviews highlight the company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and anti-aging solutions. However, concerns about product form and shipping carriers warrant a closer look, emphasizing the importance of transparency and communication.

Customers mostly love MoleQlar – product quality, speedy deliveries, and a responsive website. Still, a few grumbles about delays and product forms. MoleQlar’s good at addressing concerns, though.

Moleqlar longevity products testing

Moleqlar bundle

In my recent experience testing MoleQlar’s NMN, the >99% purity of this supplement exceeded my expectations. Over the course of a month, I found the limey taste and good texture of the powder to be surprisingly pleasant during ingestion.

The positive aspect wasn’t just limited to the taste; the NMN delivered noticeable effects for me. I experienced a welcomed boost in energy levels and enhanced mental clarity, making it a valuable addition to my morning routine.

This positive personal encounter adds weight to the efficacy of MoleQlar’s NMN.

What else makes the Moleqlar good for shopping?

German Precision and Scientific Rigor:

MoleQlar products are crafted with German precision and undergo scientific scrutiny. The formulations are developed in collaboration with esteemed institutions like Vilnius University, ensuring a commitment to excellence and reliability.

Innovative Anti-Aging Solutions:

MoleQlar specializes in anti-aging solutions, offering a range of products designed to address the effects of aging at a cellular level. From NMN to NAD boosters, these innovative supplements aim to support longevity, cognitive function, and overall well-being.

Quality Assurance and Transparency:

MoleQlar prioritizes quality assurance, subjecting its products to rigorous testing in German lindependent aboratory. The commitment to transparency ensures that customers receive supplements of the highest quality, fostering trust in the brand

Positive Customer Reviews:

MoleQlar products enjoy positive reviews, reflecting high customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate the quality of the supplements, fast shipping, and the company’s dedication to addressing customer concerns, adding to the overall positive shopping experience.

Informed Decision-Making:

MoleQlar provides detailed information about its products, including reviews, benefits, and usage recommendations. This empowers customers to make informed decisions about their health and wellness journey.

Carnosin Moleqlar

Carnosine powder

L-Carnosine is a powerful dipeptide that combats the accumulation of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) associated with aging and disease and showcases promising effects against AGEs and ALEs, demonstrating health-promoting longevity effects in studies.
sulforapro Moleqlar

Sulforapro (Sulforaphane)

Packed with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory might of sulforaphane, this complex activates Nrf2 in the human body. The combination of Glucoraphanin + myrosinase mirrors the natural formation of sulforaphane in our digestive tract.
Berbersome Moleqlar berberine 1

Berbersome (Berberine)

Experience a 10-fold increase in bioavailability with our high-caliber formulation. Just one capsule delivers the same plasma concentration as 2,500mg (equivalent to 5 capsules) of conventional berberine.

Moleqlar review conclusion

nmn uthever front produkt


MoleQlar, a relatively new player in the wellness game, has swiftly established itself as a trustworthy choice. Their commitment to quality assurance and transparent practices, verified through independent German laboratory testing, sets them up in the game of longevity supplements. We liked their Uthever NMN, RegeNAD, spermidine, quercetin, and resveratrol, and the positive chorus of customer reviews echoes our confidence in the brand. As we navigate the wellness landscape, MoleQlar stands out as a valuable addition to our pursuit of informed choices. We'd like to stay that way, as well as to see the company transform into the customer's favorite place.


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