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Lost Empire Herbs has evolved from a small family-run business specializing in authentic herbal products to improve physical and mental performance. They are known for the variety of herbal extracts and the guaranteed quality of which they are very proud.

If you are devoted to taking herbs and want to avoid anything unnatural like pesticides and fillers, eventually you’ll want to try this brand.

Find out how this company has become one of the influential brands in the holistic way of preparing dietary supplements. What are the guidelines for their products?

You can also read what we learned from our experience with them. What are the pros and cons of the Lost Empire Herbs? 

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Lost Empire Herbs Review

Overall rating:


  • Very informative and passionate website, good return policy, and safe checkout.
  • Lost Empire Herbs has great customer support.
  • They have unique supplements from 12 health categories
  • Certificate of analysis and rigorous quality testing improved their score in our review.
  •  We’d recommend starting with their individual supplements as well as the combo specials: Pine Pollen, Ashwagandha, Ant extract, Goji & Schisandra Tincture, Mushroom Alchemy Tincture, etc. Many claim their Pine Pollen product is probably the best on the market.

Lost Empire Herbs supplements

Check the 100% herbal products aligned with nature and tested for the highest quality 

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Is Lost Empire Herbs legit?

Unleash the power of nature

Lost Empire Herbs is based in Soquel, California, and the company previously used to trade under the name Super Man Herbs. Due to copyright issues with DC Comics, they changed its name around 2016.

The head of their business is Logan Christopher, a strongman, an entrepreneur, and author of several books. The company first started off as a small team of siblings, running in line with family values, and after a few years grow to be a mission-driven business placing importance on the quality standards of their products.

Today they employ 12 team members and are being dedicated to the customer support available via email, phone, and social media.

Lost Empire Herbs is also part of 1% For The Planet and a number of other charities, as a way to pay back to Mother Nature. 

Are Lost Empire Herbs safe?

Lost Empire Herbs Trustpilot
Source: Trust Pilot

Building a brand in the health & wellness industry is not necessarily fair and easy.

You’ll often read a plot about how brands mix up ingredients into formulas that don’t work. Or, that a brand itself isn’t trustworthy for many reasons.

While this may be the harsh truth there is a way to find out more about what you are buying. And that is to look for brands that do third-party lab and/or in-house lab testing.

Lost Empire Herbs don’t play games as they provide the third-party testers – Alkemist Labs and Silliker Inc. to test their products for a few reports.

They also set up a dedicated website page to check for Heavy metals. Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are located below each of their product lists as well.

Lost Empire Herbs formulations

All of their products are 100% organic, whether solo herbs or mixed formulas.

Lost Empire Herbs supplements help you achieve your health and wellness goals with the highest quality plant nutrients that help balance hormones, increase energy and endurance, optimize cognitive functions and improve overall performance.

Most of the ingredients used in the formulations are backed by some scientific research, although you can find about them more from the traditional practice of vitalism and herbalism. We hope that science will turn to them and deal with them more in the years to come.

For now, Lost Empire Herbs is helping you find additional options for many health problems, be it erectile dysfunction, unbalanced hormones, or reduced energy.

Testing Lost Empire Herbs

Unboxing Lost Empire Herbs products
Testing Lost Empire Herbs

Testing of Lost Empire Herbs products was one of the best experiences we’ve had since doing supplements reviews.

This time the products arrived at us in the EU surprisingly quickly, and we even had a small talk with LEH’s product manager in general about their stocks. All in all, we can expect great things from them in the future.

We are fans of traditional nootropics, especially when made in powders and tinctures.

The one we especially liked is biodynamically grown Ashwagandha, spagyrically prepared, and processed in Oregon, USA. Ashwagandha has been considered one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs, used to help with stress, healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels support, for healthy immunity and sexual function.

Many recreationists and athletes also use Ashwagandha as one of the exercise supplements.

We liked their famous Pine Pollen, a superfood that has many unique benefits for modern men and women. We tried it for the first time and will try again as it has serious usefulness to our energy level.

You can tell these products are special even when you smell the powders. They’ve got a nice color, texture, and when you made a drink they taste so natural and you can feel the difference.

All products we’ve been testing work as promoted. No doubt about it.

Holistic products like these need to be approached with an open mind as they are not flavored. So let them not scared you with their bitter taste. Although they are naturally sweet sometimes.

We will update this review as we are almost certain to try out more and more Lost Empire Herbs inventory.

Customers reviews

Let’s deal with the online reviews we have found by just briefly saying that the vast majority are positive. Make no mistake, you’ll find a few negative also, but they don’t talk about the quality of the brand. Those people are just unhappy that the product didn’t get them the benefits they hoped for. And with supplements and nootropics that’s just the matter of statistics.

How to take Lost Empire Herbs?

The average person that takes supplements would rather go with capsules as that is the better-known method. While the Lost Empire Herbs do sell the capsules, many of their products are powders and tinctures. So let’s look at what kind of ways you can take these.

Tinctures – this is a traditional method to make herbs. The ideal way is to take it sublingually, or under the tongue, and hold it there for a time. This is the most direct way for substances to get into the bloodstream of the human body. Usually, the dose to start experimenting is 30 drops from the dropper which you empty under your tongue and hold there for approximately 30 seconds. That way the components can rapidly absorb into your body.

Some tinctures like Pine Pollen are higher in alcohol so it’s gonna burn a little bit, but that’s important for drawing up the hormonal component and being able to drive them into the body. That’s the basic way to take all the Lost Empire Herbs tinctures.

Powders – the simplest way to take the powder is to simply throw it into your mouth. And then wash it down with water. It depends on the powder and for many of these herbs, it is much easier to throw it into water. Depending on the solubility, some herbs will gonna clump up to some degree, and others will naturally dissolve. You can also mix them in combinations.

As the dosage for these herbs varies widely, for some you have the tiny spoons to measure them up, like for Tongkat Ali, and for the others like Pine Pollen, the powder can only be measured with tablespoons.

Tips – to overcome the bitterness of some powders like Tongkat Ali, if you put water in your mouth first and then take a powder and swallow it down, it is similar to taking a capsule. You use water to have a powder kind of sit on that and swallow it down. This is a good way to take smaller but bitter doses of the powder.

Another application is you can mix the powder in the tea and make your own herbal tea. It will also gonna work to some degree with tinctures. And, if you are sensitive to alcohol, that way it will evaporate because it has a lower boiling point than the water.

Juice is good to mask the bitter taste of the herbs. And to make it more complicated you can do some smoothies combinations of fruits and greens. That way the herbs will slowly digest while longer staying in the intestines.

Dosing herbs for Specific Aims and Ages

Dosages are made up, created out of the blue, generally based on typical dosages used in clinical practice in various cultures around the world, usually over millennia, and an intuitive sense of the herb and its proper dose for specific conditions. There is generally a range of dosing for most herbs; there is no one dose that is ‘the right one’ for any of them.

– Stephen Buhner on the topic of dosages

Since there is little research on most LEH herbs there is not enough information on different dosages for different ages or conditions.

Dosage obtained from science still only indicates the law of the average, which means that even if it is scientifically proven, it still does not mean that it would work for YOU as an individual.

That’s why they’re always advocating for experimentation.

All the recommended doses are nothing but a starting point. And it’s up to you to find the dosage and combinations that suit you.

Only your blood count will show if the dose really works together with all the other life variables which makes this more complex.

If you’re not sure how to take herbs, we would recommend seeing a trained herbalist or naturopath if you want more information.

Variety of goals

On Lost Empire Herbs you can shop by wellness goals. If you’re kind of reluctant about what do you need, you can take their herbal quiz which is a quick and easy way to get your recommendations.

From their database of products, we can quickly look at some of their bestsellers.

Lost Empire Nootropic herbs

They don’t stock many nootropics, but those that they do have are of the highest quality. To name a few are Bacopa, Mucuna, Lion’s Mane, Schisandra, Rhodiola Rosea, etc.

100% Herbal Cognitive Enhancement Package is a great value product bundle great for learning and memory-boosting effects. These herbs are in practice for thousands of years and they’ll benefit more than just your brain as they work all across your body.

They recommend experimenting with one, two, or three of these herbs at a time and finding what works best for you.

Lost Empire Herbs for sleep

When it comes to sleep, these are three good places to start.

Ashwagandha – best known as an adaptogen that can help with stress. But unlike the other adaptogens which can be quite stimulating, Ashwagandha helps to promote sleep.

For a small handful of people, taking a good dose of Ashwagandha can help them to fall asleep right away. But for most, it is taking it over time (like a month or so) that will rewire your body and mind to respond to stress better, which then allows you to sleep easier.

Blue Vervain Spagyric Tincturehelps with stress in a different way than Ashwagandha. It acts on the nervous system more so than the endocrine system. The bitter nervine effect can bring the energy down from your head into your body which can help many people to fall asleep.

Albizia – known as the “Tree of Happiness.” It has some powerful mood-elevating effects. But it also helps in some cases of insomnia. If your mind racing is what keeps you up, then Albizia is worth a shot.

Lost Empire Herbs for immunity

Elderberry – studies have shown that it may help stop people from getting sick from the common cold in the first place and if they do, Elderberry lessens the intensity and duration of symptoms.

Chiron Tincture – It is a well-rounded formula meant to make your body more adaptable, specifically in the immune system. 

Mushroom Alchemy – mushrooms are not likely to help you to deal with the acute cold you have now. The best results come from taking medicinal mushrooms long-term.

Lost Empire Herb for energy

Black Ant extract –  known as ‘Herb of Kings’ that will give you an instant shot of energy. Without the crash of coffee or one of those sugary energy drinks. It contains a plethora of vital vitamins and minerals and provides plenty of protein for muscle growth and stamina.

Lost Empire Herb to increase oxygen

Cistanche – known for its ability to supercharge your circulatory system. It increases blood flow to the muscles so you can work out longer and harder without fatigue. Your skin will be looking youthful. It increases vitality and even helps with weight loss due to absorbing calories more efficiently


They specialize in performance herbalism, meaning a herbalism for the modern-day man or woman. Their herbs deliver real effects that you can feel.

In short, do you want:

10%+ More Energy
10%+ More Mental Clarity
10%+ Better Sleep
10%+ More Manliness or Womanliness
10%+ Better Sex
10%+ More Vitality

You may think your energy is as high as it can be, but it is not. There is always more. There is always better.

They competes in herbal & natural supplements niche against brands like iHerb.com, Mountain Rose Herbs, Gaia Herbs, Bodybuilding.com, Vitacost, Vitamin Shoppe. 

Lost Empire Herbs offers quality, unique variety of products, great packaging, and a one-year money-back guarantee. All of this makes them a great competitor.

People that like to buy herbal products often write about the Lost Empire products as pretty expensive. We think the reason for this is that they value quality over quantity hence the higher prices.

You can sign up for an LEH newsletter and instantly get to know their dynamic of revealing discount codes. Occasionally you will have a chance to buy their products on a great discounts. That means up to 40% -50% discount.

Lost Empire Herbs score



Quality score:

Value for money
Products quality
Label transparency
Lost Empire Herbs products on table

Lost Empire Herbs supplements

Check the 100% herbal products aligned with nature and tested for the highest quality 

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Lost Empire Herbs review conclusion

If you want to avoid man-made supplements, isolated nutrients, prescription chemicals, and want to feel the herbs you are taking, then this dietary supplement company is for you.

They are committed to bringing you the highest quality herbs from across the world and sharing ancient knowledge of the herbs not many people are heard of.

All their policies are in place and they offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. Also, their quality control is second to none. And, they have real-life people in their customer service you can talk to even via phone if you wanted to.

Although we easily recommend LEH to you, they are much different than other health & wellness companies we are reviewing here. And as much as we want you to consider them, we understand that this is not a clickbait company that people are used to.

However, they don’t stock a variety of nootropic stacks and what you may call the popular nootropic supplements. You may want to look for that one in our best nootropic vendor’s reviews.

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