Nootropics Depot Review | Is It The Best High Volume Supplier?

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How to become one of the most reliable businesses within the space of nootropics, which are also commonly referred to as smart drugs?

We’ll take a close look at one of those longest-running suppliers that have earned its place at the top.

It is Nootropics Depot from Arizona, the United States, which is perhaps the most beloved manufacturer and seller of nootropics and dietary supplements.

They have come a long way and have become a high-volume supplier specializing in common nootropic powders and capsules, and are known for increasing the dosage, administration, and effectiveness of their supplements.

In this review, we’ll evaluate Nootropics Depot quality for you to decide if it is worth trusting them.

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Nootropics Depot Review

Overall rating:
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  • Ships to Worldwide
  • Payment types accepted Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Monero (XMR) MasterCard/Visa Debit
  • Offer discounts of 10% off first order by signing up for their newsletter. Also bulk discounts.
  • They hold high-level nootropics and are leaders in making dosage, administration, and effectiveness of supplements greater.
  • Certificate of analysis, in-house testing, and third-party testing improved their score in our review.
  • We would recommend that you start researching their best-selling products: Ashwagandha, Nigela, NMN, Tongkat Ali, MicroMag, and many others.

Nootropics Depot

Check out why this brand is one of the leaders and innovators in the industry of nootropics and dietary supplements.

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A little bit of Nootropics Depot history

Nootropics Depot had a thorny path to success. It was founded in 2013 by the company that now manages Hard Rhino Supplements. In 2015, the old owner made a decision to shut down Nootropics Depot, after which it was acquired and relaunched by Ceretropic. has been remembered as a golden era for neurohackers. Except for common nootropics like piracetam or noopept they sold uncommon products like newer nootropics or rare drugs in nasal sprays, sublingual tinctures, and powders, as well as syringe products.

Some would say, they were ahead of their time.

Unfortunately, there was a greater likelihood that these products would be seized at customs than traditional nootropics. So that was one of the problems.

Ceretropic shut down its operations in 2018, however the same individuals relaunched a bit later Nootropics Depot that came under new management, as well as their sister company Natrium Health.

Nootropics Depot’s founder confirms in this Reddit thread that Ceretropic ties are not broken.

“We continue to supply and produce products for our Latin American distributors. Ceretropic has shut down US consumer operations, but we continue to support our distributors outside of the US. We produce and distribute to them. What they do after that is up to them. We don’t set their pricing or policies. That is up to the individual distributor in the respective countries.”

– Misteryouaresodumb

Nootropics Depot mission

After the relaunch of the Nootropics Depot, the new management did something differently.

From the outset, the owner has invested heavily in independent testing for their products. According to their website, they have nootropics for sale which pass rigorous “high-performance liquid chromatography” and “Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy” testing.

Their Arizona facilities include a full lab and a full-time analytical chemist. Their customer support is excellent as always, as are the products that have become even better quality.

That was a game changer.

Our Nootropic Depot experience

Nootropics Depot store supplements

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate free product or product sample requests. Sorry for any inconvenience with this. We do offer a variety of economical product sample packs available for purchase on our site.

– Nootropics Depot customer support

We got this message the first time when we asked for free products to test on our website.

So, no problem, since then we have ordered our favorite nootropics from them several times. With absolutely no regret.

We immediately like Nootropics Depot for several reasons:

  • Variety – we can buy probably every natural nootropic we like in different forms such as capsules and powder in different extract ratios.

  • Pack sizes – to meet different budget ranges, the company offers different pack sizes. If you don’t have a budget or just want to sample out the product, you can always order the smallest package available.

  • Marketing model – we learned a lot by reading their blog and product descriptions. Lots of useful information and tips that focus on the benefits to the consumer. Instead of imposing the sales.

  • Stacks – for individuals who buy their nootropics for stacking at home, there is a nice page dedicated to stacks. Immediately you have a starting point whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced consumer.

  • Testing – it is immediately clear that each product is additionally tested for purity.

  • User experience – great and effortless processing of our orders on their website makes the whole experience enjoyable.

However, what we sometimes don’t like:

  • Out of stock – what sometimes happens is some supplements were not in stock.

  • No phone line – for such a large nootropic retailer, it is a bit surprising that they do not have a better support system. All the support is limited to email, Facebook chat, and buying guides

  • Website – Many people, especially new users, are likely to be lost in a huge variety of pages. Some may even say it looks a bit “scammy” which is not a good thing in such a sensitive industry.

These are probably common advantages and disadvantages that will be confirmed by other users. Really, we don’t have much to complain about it as long as the products are so great and thoroughly tested.

Is Nootropics Depot legit?

Nootropics Depot Trustpilot
Nootropics Depot on the Trustpilot

From our user experience, there is no doubt that Nootropics Depot is the legal provider of the best nootropics in the world.

A few facts were collected all over the internet to verify that.

  • Reviews/customer complaints 

While Nootropics Depot reviews are mostly positive, the high-volume inventory and worldwide shipping carry some risks of unfulfilled orders or clumped products that stay too long at customs. Due to the possibility that some distant places in the world will be deprived of top service, Nootropics Depot solves all this in a short procedure by sending you new products with an apology. 

  • Customer Service & Website

Their customer support is one of the best in the industry and there are many examples, especially on Reddit, of a dissatisfied customer eventually becoming a lifetime customer. Their website is not among the prettiest, but it has a lot of good information and additional tips & recommendations.

  • Cost and Price Plans

The prices on Nootropics Depot are among the cheapest in the industry. There are unique supplements you won’t find elsewhere, considering they crafted them in a very potent form. 

  • Are Nootropics Depot packages safe?

All their products are wrapped in plastic from top to bottom. The plastic prevents them from opening, which ensures that no unauthorized opening occurs. However, many companies also double-seal their products with a plastic wrap on the outside and a removable seal in the lid opening. Nootropics Depot has no double protection. But consider that this is because the price is a bit lower.

  • Why they don’t include scoops?

Their powdered nootropics don’t include scoops or measuring devices because of safety and concern that scoops may not be accurate at measuring doses. For accurate measurement, they recommend using a milligram scale together with the weighting container they sell. Love it or hate it, Nootropics Depot leaves it to you to inform yourself and invest in the measurement protocols of your powders.

  • No dosage instructions

Nootropics Depot has decided not to include dosage instructions, probably because the company would like to avoid a conflict with the FDA.

  • Nootropics Depot bulk discounts

Nootropics Depot prefers bulk discounts. The biggest size will always be the cheapest in terms of price per gram. In other words, they seem to cater to mainly bulk buyers. This is probably done to save money for both the customer and their business.

  • Shipping

Nootropics Depot shipping time is 1-2 days. They offer same-day shipping on most orders from Monday to Saturday (9 am – 3:00 pm). They ship their products very quickly, and you can expect to receive them in no time. Even when they sent our order to Europe, the delivery time was only a couple of days. So, shipping is fast, and we have never experienced any issues with the delivery. You can get free shipping for orders over $50 in the US, or the standard worldwide mail on international orders over $200. 

  • Return policy

Unlike some other nootropics vendors, Nootropics Depot does not accept returns or exchanges for opened and/or used products. Unopened products may be returned for a refund.

  • Alternatives

Nootropics Depot is our top-rated online supplier. But they’re not the only ones we like. Other common retailers include Pure Nootropics, Double Wood Supplements, Absorb Health, or Liftmode. Check our recommendation of the best nootropics vendors.

Nootropics Depot quality control

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People are noticing Nootropics Depot supplements are more potent than the same ones from the competency, even when the standardization is supposed to be the same.

How’s that possible?

While most manufacturers rely on COA trusting the labs (sometimes even suspicious) from which they obtained them and don’t do in-house or third-party tests, Nootropics Depot changed all that.

Instead of re-selling Chinese manufactured products at face value, they undergo various testing protocols.

Rigorous “high-performance liquid chromatography” and “Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy” testing ensures you will get potency and purity rarely seen in the supplement industry.

Their Arizona facilities include an ISO-certified lab with state-of-the-art equipment and a full-time analytical chemist. You can go for a round of their in-house analytical laboratory.

They have also contracted work with “third-party testing” Alkemist Labs, an established leader in botanical plant testing.

Nootropics Depot Reddit

Except for being so involved in creating the best products, the community work done by the company leader Paul Sheard, aka Misteryouaresodumb, as Reddit moderator is invaluable.

In his own words, Misteryouaresodumb is on Reddit every day. 

Every single review made on the site I personally read. You can PM me any time you have an issue. I respond to everyone that writes me. Hell, today I was answering Reddit messages and comments for over 9 hours. I do try to take weekends off now because my wife will kill me if I don’t, but I am always around. 

Not that all company leaders do that. Do you agree?

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Nootropics Depot and legal issues

I’ve had some of the worst days of my life after legal meetings, and for shit you NEVER would have thought about ahead of time. It’s like a minefield out there, and I have to be at the front of my team pushing us forward through that minefield. 

– Misteryouaresodumb

While things might look great for customers if they find quality and reliable nootropic suppliers, this is not necessarily the case for business owners.

Nootropics are still a gray zone from the legality perspective. As supplements are not drugs, they can’t be marketed to treat illness, either. Nor can the manufacturers proclaim disease statements, neither can their customers. Otherwise, they may be prosecuted by the law and stomped by the drug agencies.

Many legal issues arise even from the reviews left on the website. So it is not surprising that manufacturers like Nootropics Depot do not publish all the reviews, but mostly the positive ones and ones that indicate a certain problem with the product. While the rest stay pending.

Our assumption, which we have already written about, is that larger manufacturers like Nootropics Depot will have more and more problems with the marketing and delivery of synthetic products.

We won’t be surprised either if they are suspended from production because they already keep them under the radar.

Certainly, Nootropics Depot has already decided to enrich its inventory with natural nootropics instead of the sought-after but legally undesirable synthetic nootropics.

Nootropics Depot best selling products

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Here are just a few of Nootropics Depot top sellers that are ahead of the competition, but also offer a look at selected and innovative forms of Nootropics that you should try if you care about their real benefits.

nootropics depot Tongkat Ali

34fbd1f3238f8adac014d58f43ee37798009b583 tongkat ali blog header

Tongkat Ali extract contains the bioactive component Eurycomanone which is believed to be responsible for the array of Tongkat Ali benefits, including promoting healthy testosterone levels. Fortunately, with modern technology and research, Nootropics Depot has been able to create highly potent Tongkat ali extracts like this 10% Eurycomanone extract.

Tongkat Ali benefits and uses

    • May help promote healthy testosterone levels
    • May help promote physical strength and energy
    • May help promote stress management
    • May help support blood flow
    • May help promote cognitive function

Nootropics Depot enteric-coated NMN

cd81b4fbe208eba3d440bacb2b1556363bbc018d nmn blog header%5B1%5D

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is a critical component in maintaining cellular health. It is a precursor in the production of NAD+, a coenzyme in all living cells that plays a role in processes such as metabolism and DNA repair. The body converts Nicotinamide Mononucleotide into NAD+ for keeping the mitochondria working at optimal levels. Nootropics Depot enteric coating tablets prevent the disintegration of the NMN in the stomach and help to reach the small intestines for better bioavailability.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide benefits and uses

  • May help promote metabolic function
  • May help support organ function
  • May help promote physical activity levels
  • May help support optimal cellular function

Nootropics Depot Nigella Sativa in powder form

Nootropics Depot Nigella Sativa powder

Nigella Sativa seeds contain a well-balanced composition of proteins, fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Thymoquinone is largely responsible for Nigella Sativa’s reported health benefits. Nootropics Depot has been able to source a Nigella Sativa powdered extract which has a whopping 5% or 10% Thymoquinone! That is a very large amount of active ingredients. The powdered Nigella Sativa Extract is slightly more stable than the Black Seed Oil during long-term storage, and you can dose the powder much lower in comparison to black seed oil.

Nigella Sativa powder has health benefits and uses

  • Supporting healthy metabolic function
  • Supporting healthy cellular function
  • Supporting healthy immune function
  • Supporting skin and scalp health
  • Supporting healthy stress levels and a positive mood
  • Supporting brain health and cognitive function

Nootropics Depot MicroMag for increased bioavailability

3a43e97d0298b019b4fb3513af96cbfc6a846564 sucrosomial magnesium highly bioavailable newsletter

Micromag Sucrosomial Magnesium is a highly bioavailable sucrosomial complex of magnesium oxide in the center, crafted for best bioavailability. The Sucrosome Lipid Bilayer is very similar to cell membranes, which is why this form of magnesium can very readily enter cells. In addition to its superior bioavailbility, it is also absorbed much faster than current Magnesium supplements and produces little to no gastrointestinal side effects that can be produced by other Magnesium supplements.

Uses and benefits of Sucrosomial Magnesium

  • May help support improved overall cognitive health.
  • May help promote physical and mental relaxation.
  • May help support sleep quality.

Nootropics Depot Shoden and its high withanolide content

5da06380046efd8705c2d2ce28584fdde029497b shoden ashwagandha blog header

Shoden® is a clinically-tested, purified extract of Ashwagandha made from carefully selected roots and leaves. With an industry-leading 35% Withanolide Glycosides (measured by HPLC), Shoden® Ashwagandha offers high bioavailability and shows bioactivity even at low doses. This means that Shoden® Ashwagandha carries by far the highest composition compared to any other extracts in the market. Besides a full spectrum of Withanolide Glycosides, it carries high levels of 8 key Withanolide Glycosides and high levels of Withanoside X, a bioactive glycowithanolide.

Shoden® Ashwagandha benefits and uses

    • May help support healthy stress levels
    • May help promote cognitive function
    • May help support restful sleep and reduce non-restorative sleep
    • May help promote energy and vitality
    • May help support immune system function

Nootropics Depot Sabroxy

be4c75430c3f14ec0a2017c4298646138b91f6e4 sabroxy header

Sabroxy tablets are derived from the Oroxylum indicum tree, which exists widely in India and Southeast Asia and has a robust history of use in Ayurveda. The bark of the tree, known for its Oroxylin A content, is used in Ayurvedic practices and is believed to promote immune system function and cognitive function. Oroxylin A has been widely researched around the world and has an intriguing profile of effects, ranging from promoting neurogenesis, focus, motivation, and energy to supporting balanced levels of inflammation, skin health, and immune system function. 

Sabroxy benefits and uses

    • May help promote focus and motivation
    • May help promote cognitive function
    • May help support balanced inflammation levels
    • May help promote immune system function
    • May help support skin health

Nootropics Depot score



Quality score:

Value for money
Label transparency
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Nootropics Depot

Check out why this brand is one of the leaders and innovators in the industry of nootropics and dietary supplements.

Visit Nootropics Depot

Conclusion: Is it the best online supplement store?

Nootropics Depot falls in among our risk-free recommendations. They’re reliable for novices to discover to stack nootropics, and also for advanced neurohackers who look for a variety of potent commercial nootropics.

Our experience with them was great. Right from the payment process, shipment, nootropic top quality, and total assistance, we received a fair bargain.

With some minor flaws, they are the best high-volume online store of nootropics and supplements, ready to stay on top.

However, there are always alternatives, and you can locate them on our list of the most effective vendors to buy nootropic supplements.

Overall, Nootropics Depot is a legitimate and also old-school vendor with a huge variety of high-grade nootropics, which intends to make sure you get precisely what you spent for.

We assume you can safely purchase from them!

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