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Wonderfeel Youngr NMN supplement
Wonderfeel Youngr NMN review

Established in 2018 in Silicon Valley, Wonderfeel Biosciences pioneers advancements in human healthspan by merging nature and cutting-edge science through innovative wellness technologies. Discover Wonderfeel Youngr™ NMN, a comprehensive NMN stack crafted by renowned anti-aging researcher Dr. Andrew Salzman. This innovative supplement combines NMN with complementary ingredients to address aging at a cellular level. Join us as we explore the unique benefits of this advanced NMN stack for promoting healthy aging.

Product Brand: Wonderfeel Biosciences

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Wonderfeel Youngr™ NMN Facts:

  • Scientifically developed by anti-aging researcher Dr. Andrew Salzman.
  • Targets aging at a cellular level.
  • Contains NMN, trans-resveratrol, ergothioneine, Olea25®, and vitamin D3.
  • Real customer reviews validate its effectiveness.
  • Supported by clinical studies on NMN supplementation.
  • Offers a superior formulation with optimal dosage and competitive pricing.
  • Rigorously tested for safety and tolerability.
  • Provides an opportunity to experience NMN benefits firsthand as well as something above due to other synergistic ingredients.
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A well-formulated NMN supplement, manufactured in the US with high purity and optimal dosage, stands out as one of the strongest NMN products available. Enhanced with synergistic ingredients, this supplement offers a potent and effective combination for supporting overall health and longevity.

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While scientifically grounded, Wonderfeel Youngr NMN would benefit from further ingredient research, especially considering its premium price point. It lacks a money-back guarantee, only allowing returns of unopened, unused, and undamaged products within 30 days of purchase.

Wondrefeel youngr NMN supplement

NMN powerhouse supplement to cover longevity

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Table of Contents

Role of NMN

A bottle of Wonderfeel NMN capsules on table

"NMN alone is incredibly beneficial. But the ability of NMN and NAD to be effective in the cell is dependent on low oxidative stress. Oxidant stress is present at all times in our cells, particularly as we grow older. Fortunately, the antioxidants packaged into Youngr™ can shield our cells from much of that stress, meaning the NMN we're delivering is ultimately more effective."

At the heart of Wonderfeel Youngr lies Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), a molecule naturally produced by the body and found in various foods like broccoli and avocados.

NMN serves as a precursor to Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme crucial for numerous biological activities.

Through a sophisticated process involving enzymatic reactions, NMN transforms into NAD+, facilitating essential functions such as gene expression, DNA repair, and energy metabolism. NMN (Study) holds promise for:

  • Extended Lifespan and Cardiovascular Health: Animal studies suggest NMN may extend lifespan and improve cardiovascular function by enhancing arterial health and reducing vascular stiffness.

  • Increased Mitochondrial Activity: NMN supports mitochondrial function, crucial for cellular energy production and overall vitality.

  • Immune Function and Inflammation: NMN may modulate immune function and reduce inflammation, though further research is needed.

  • Cancer Prevention and DNA Repair: Studies indicate NMN’s potential in cancer prevention by inhibiting tumor growth and promoting DNA repair mechanisms.

  • Muscle Function and Exercise Performance: NMN supplementation may enhance muscle strength and exercise capacity, benefiting athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Cardiovascular Health: Clinical trials show positive effects of NMN on blood pressure, arterial function, and vascular health in humans, supporting its use for cardiovascular support.

  • Neuroprotective: NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) shows promise as a therapeutic intervention for cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

These findings underscore NMN’s promising potential in addressing age-related concerns. Additional research is required to fully explore its therapeutic benefits in human applications.

How Wonderfeel is manufactured?

Wonderfeel Youngr™ NMN is manufactured in FDA-compliant, cGMP-certified facilities in the USA, ensuring top quality and safety. 

The supplement undergoes a pure enzymatic process and is rigorously tested for stability and purity. No irradiation or ETO-sterilization is used, and the vegan-friendly capsules are made from vegetable cellulose. 

This commitment to transparency and quality sets Wonderfeel apart in the supplement industry, reassuring customers about the origin and integrity of their NMN supplement.

Wonderfeel Youngr key ingredients

Wonderfeel Youngr ingredients
Wonderfeel Youngr ingredients

The supplement’s formulation, enriched with Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) and synergistic ingredients, offers a potent blend for overall well-being.

Some general and lesser known fact about Wonderfeel ingredients:

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide): NMN gained attention when researchers discovered that young mice supplemented with NMN showed remarkable improvements in age-related decline. This compound appears to activate sirtuins, proteins linked to longevity and cellular health.

Vitamin D: Beyond its well-known role in bone health, Vitamin D has intriguing connections to mood regulation. Studies suggest that adequate Vitamin D levels may be linked to a lower risk of depression and improved emotional well-being.

Trans-Resveratrol: Resveratrol, found in red wine and berries, has a captivating history tied to the “French Paradox.” This compound gained fame due to the observation that French people have lower rates of heart disease despite a diet rich in saturated fats, possibly attributed to moderate red wine consumption.

Olive Fruit Extract: The Mediterranean diet’s health benefits are often attributed to olive oil, but the extract from its fruit holds its wonders. Hydroxytyrosol, a potent antioxidant in olive fruit, is believed to contribute to the longevity and health of those who consume this diet.

Ergothioneine: Discovered in the early 20th century, ergothioneine remains a mysterious compound. It’s uniquely concentrated in certain fungi and can accumulate in human tissues, acting as a specialized antioxidant that protects against oxidative stress.

Overall, these ingredients work at a cellular level to enhance energy metabolism, support cellular function, and combat oxidative stress, ultimately promoting overall health and vitality.

Wonderfeel vegan capsules

Wonderfeel Youngr Dosing and effectiveness

The doses of the ingredients in Wonderfeel Youngr NMN appear to be effective based on scientific research and industry standards:

  1. NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide): The supplement contains a high dose of 900mg of NMN per serving. This dosage is considered substantial and aligns with doses used in various studies that demonstrate benefits related to cellular health, metabolism, and longevity.

  2. Vitamin D: Each serving provides 20mcg (800 IU) of Vitamin D, which is a commonly recommended daily intake for supporting overall health, including bone health and immune function.

  3. Trans-Resveratrol: The supplement includes 100mg of trans-resveratrol, a natural polyphenol found in red grapes and other plants. This dosage is within the range observed to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits in studies.

  4. Olive Fruit Extract: With 50mg of olive fruit extract per serving, Youngr NMN may benefit from the antioxidant and cardiovascular-supporting properties associated with olive polyphenols.

  5. Ergothioneine: Although the dose of ergothioneine is relatively low at 4mg per serving, emerging research suggests that even small amounts of this compound can contribute to antioxidant protection and overall cellular health over time.

The combination of these ingredients, including the high NMN dose, supports the supplement’s effectiveness in promoting cellular energy production, cognitive function, antioxidant defense, and overall longevity. However, individual responses may vary, and it’s essential to consider personal health goals and consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Wonderfeel Biodegradable Youngr™ Refill Pouch

Wonderfeel has gone step further and unveiled its innovative Wonderfeel Youngr™ refill pouch, setting a new standard for sustainability in the nutraceutical industry.

This biodegradable pouch, crafted with SPTek ECLIPSE™ material, is fully recyclable and designed to minimize environmental impact.

Subscribers of Wonderfeel Youngr™ will now receive their patented NMN formula in these eco-friendly pouches, reducing the company’s carbon footprint while maintaining product quality and integrity.

Wonderfeel Youngr NMN benefits for anti-aging

Wonderfeel® has launched in vitro studies for Youngr™ NMN, aiming to evaluate its effectiveness in protecting against oxidant stress and inflammation, key factors in cellular aging.

Led by Chief Medical Officer Professor Andrew Salzman MD, the study will explore synergies between NMN and other components to enhance exercise performance and combat aging.

Here’s how Wonderfeel’s claims about the benefits of Youngr NMN align with scientific evidence:


Boosting NAD+ Levels: NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a precursor to NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), a critical molecule involved in cellular energy metabolism. By increasing NAD+ levels, Youngr NMN supports enhanced cellular energy production and overall physiological health.


Enhancing Cellular Function: NAD+ plays a crucial role in various cellular processes, including DNA repair, gene expression, and protein synthesis. By replenishing NAD+ levels, Youngr NMN promotes optimal cellular function and supports essential metabolic pathways.


Antioxidant Effects: The additional ingredients like trans-resveratrol, olive fruit extract, and ergothioneine provide potent antioxidant properties. These antioxidants help combat oxidative stress, protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals and inflammation, which are key contributors to aging and age-related diseases.


Supporting Cognitive Health: By optimizing cellular function and providing antioxidant support, Youngr NMN may contribute to improved cognitive function, memory retention, and mental clarity.

If you decide to try Youngr™, some of these highlighted features of Youngr NMN are expected to provide results that you can experience firsthand.

Wonderfeel Youngr NMN
from: Wonderfeel

Wonderfeel Testimonials

Reddit screenshot of NMN thread; quality check
NMN quality check

NMN has become a popular topic among supplement users, leading to a wide range of discussions and reviews in communities where products are subjected to rigorous scrutiny and evaluation.

The user feedback on Wonderfeel Youngr™ highlights a range of positive outcomes, including improved sleep quality, enhanced energy levels, sharper cognitive function, and even observed changes in hair texture.

These experiences underscore the potential benefits of this NMN formula for vitality and overall well-being.

I am almost through 60 days taking the full dose (55/m). I’ve had zero side effects. It seems to have helped me sleep better as I’m remembering my dreams now, something that is indicative of deep REM sleep. This was a rare occurrence prior to using this supplement.

My wife has commented that my skin looks really good. Her comments were completely unsolicited, and she doesn’t even know I’m taking this. I have not noticed any notable performance changes in the gym or with recovery from golf and/or workouts, but my energy levels have been consistently good. I was hoping it would help with chronic tendinitis, but no noticeable relief so far. My plan is to continue for 1 yr. I’m on their subscription plan.

After 9 weeks of use, Wonderfeel’s formula has more noticeable effects than the two other brands I dabbled with. My memory recall and thought processing is much more acute, especially after a few drinks the previous evening. Overall I feel like my body is running smoother with less fatigue.

…it really feels like the hair on my head is growing in softer. Is this possible? I’m 51 and it’s been getting kind of wirey as I have gotten older, but my hair is cut short and it’s noticeably softer at roots this morning. No change in haircare routine. Is this real or a placebo effect?

Definitely has improved energy levels. I also noticed I have an easier time gripping door handles and opening jars of peanut butter.

I chose this brand for my first go because of the relatively high NMN dose and the included resveratrol, and since the company seems legit and manufactures in CA with cGMP, etc. Might try a different brand for another month to compare.

I am a 43 years old retired pro soccer player and I am still playing recreational 4 times a week. Two weeks after taking youngr I could feel my stamina and reflexes had improved by at least 50% and all my teammates noticed it and asked me what had happened to me. I am now at 45 days of taking youngr and I have noticed a drastic loss of weight. On the down side my sleep have been worst since starting youngr ( constant nightmares and waking up several times every night ), hoping this will pass.

That brand of nmn is crazy overpriced($88) for 27g of nmn. Also I couldn’t find any 3rd party test for purity. They are pretty much saying trust us we use a cGMP facility, every facility is required to adhere to cGMP lol.

Wonderfeel Youngr™ shows promising results for many individuals seeking wellness support, though individual responses may vary. Further exploration and consideration of personal preferences can inform decisions about incorporating this supplement into a health regimen.

My Wonderfeel Youngr experience

young and old reviewer hands with a bottle of Wonderfeel Youngr NMN
NMN quality check

During the testing of Wonderfeel NMN supplements, I had the support of my father, who recently started taking NMN alongside Resveratrol, Spermidine and Quercetin.

He reports feeling better since starting this regimen, especially in recovering from post-COVID breathing difficulties and general fatigue, alongside his prescribed cardiovascular medications.

While I don’t consider this a recommendation, I also personally witness the benefits of Spermidine supplements, especially when well-selected. Check out our article on the Best Spermidine Supplements.

My father’s positive experience with various brands, including Wonderfeel, suggests satisfaction. Neither of us experienced any side effects.

Serving size and effects

Both my father and I began with a daily serving of one capsule of Wonderfeel Youngr™ NMN. While my father continued with a half-dose, I increased to the full serving size.

We’d often take Wonderfeel Youngr with a healthy source of dietary fat, such as yogurt, or on an empty stomach.

In both scenarios, the supplement acted without side effects, and at the full dose, it may even take over the effects of my other daily supplement, STAQ Performer.

Nootropic effects

The nootropic effects of Wonderfeel Youngr™ extend beyond typical NMN supplementation, offering cognitive enhancement and heightened attention.

This “longevity stack” synergizes ingredients like trans-resveratrol, known for its collaboration with NMN to enhance cellular functions and anti-aging benefits.

Additionally, hydroxytyrosol from olive oil contributes potent antioxidant properties that combat oxidative stress and inflammation, crucial for cognitive health.

The amino acid ergothioneine, recognized for its decline with age, supports ocular, neurological, and cardiovascular health, making it a promising “longevity nutrient” in this comprehensive supplement blend.

One month trial without side-effects

In summary, within a month of using Wonderfeel Youngr™, I’ve observed some of its benefits—a potent NMN supplement, particularly at a serving dose of 2 capsules. It may give you more energy or improve other aspect of cognitive function. 

It improved my energy levels and my mental focus and attention to details which is just a few of the positive impacts I’ve noticed. On the other side, my father has found something that genuinely feels good to him, and that’s wonderful to hear. No side-effects.

Quality control

Searching about safety concerns of using Wonderfeel NMN, I found this. In a recent lecture by Andrea Maier at the 10th Aging Research Drug Discovery Meeting, she presented findings from a human study on middle-aged healthy adults taking different doses of NMN (300/600/900 mg). 

The study evaluated the consistency of NMN samples from various brands. Among the most consistent brands is the Wonderfeel. Check out her lecture for more details: Video Link.


The Wonderfeel Youngr supplement is priced at $88 for a one-time purchase or $73 with a subscription, providing good value compared to similar premium products. 

However, the subscription management system requires emailing the company to adjust delivery frequency, which may be less convenient for some customers who like it to be automated.

Wonderfeel Youngr alternatives

  1. Renue by Science LIPO NAD+ Complete: Provides pure NMN supplements in various doses for personalized intake. Renue offers flexibility and potency in NMN supplementation. Utilizes nanoscale liposomes to enhance NAD+, NMN, and NR effectiveness. This stack combines various NAD precursors to elevate NAD+ levels effectively. Review.

  2. Moleqlar regeNAD (NAD booster): A unique NAD+ booster containing a blend of NAD precursors, degradation inhibitors, and activation enzymes. It’s designed to regenerate declining NAD levels, supporting healthspan and cellular functions. Review.

  3. Tru Niagen: Contains nicotinamide riboside (NR), a precursor to NAD+, supporting cellular energy production and overall wellness.

  4. Thorne NiaCel-250: Features nicotinamide riboside (NR) for NAD+ support, providing an alternative approach to enhancing cellular energy and longevity.


NMN was not banned, but certain claims made by companies about NMN’s ability to treat diseases led to FDA warnings due to insufficient scientific evidence.

 Clinical studies suggest that NMN is well-tolerated and does not cause significant liver damage when administered intravenously.

NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) is a similar molecule that also boosts NAD+ levels effectively.

 Yes, NMN is known for enhancing collagen production, which supports skin health.

NAD+ and NMN have different strengths: NAD+ might have stronger effects on mental health, while NMN may have stronger effects on physical health.

Avoid taking NMN with coffee, black tea, or green tea, as caffeine may inhibit NMN absorption.

NMN is believed to increase estrogen levels.

Niacinamide or niacin can be alternatives to NMN for NAD+ synthesis, but NMN is considered more efficient for this purpose.

High-quality NMN production involves costly processes to ensure purity and safety.

Some studies suggest that NMN supplementation can lead to increased testosterone levels.

Some manufacturers recommend taking magnesium alongside NMN to help adjust to increased energy levels.

Resveratrol and NMN serve different purposes but can complement each other in boosting NAD+ levels.

Visible effects of NMN can take weeks to months and may include improved endurance, skin health, and metabolic functions.

It’s recommended to take NMN on an empty stomach, ideally in the morning.

On the contrary, NMN has been associated with reduced body weight in some studies.

Initial fatigue may occur as the body adjusts to NMN, but it usually diminishes over time.

NMN has shown potential to reverse hair thinning caused by certain factors like DHT.

NMN may help suppress various signs of skin aging, including wrinkles.

NMN supplements have been linked to increased estrogen levels, particularly in studies involving female mice.


Wonderfeel Youngr review

Bottle of Wonderfeel Youngr in reviewer hand

After a thorough review, we find Wonderfeel Youngr™ to be a compelling product in the longevity supplement space. Despite some transparency issues and a higher price tag, we believe it offers significant value and effectiveness within the NMN supplement market. Many reviewers even place it on a pedestal. Its focus on sustainability and the potency of its NMN formula makes it a strong contender for those seeking to support overall health and longevity.


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