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We, human beings, love one-way solutions, isn’t it? Something that will magically remove our unfavourable conditions and save the valuable time we typically fail to master. This analogy is especially true for the best pre-made nootropic stacks that have been developed for the memory deficits and general brain health in an all-in-one service mix of components.

These products save us time and sometimes money, as well as hone our abilities in finding an ideal nootropic strategy for brain upgrade.

It is advisable to first try nootropics in the stand-alone and pre-formulated solutions, alternately, before you break them down and learn enough to start making your own DIY stack.

two bottles showing the capsules in it

What are the pre-made stacks?

The pre-formulated nootropic stacks come in the juncture of two or more supplements taken together or in the sequence to create specific cognitive effects. 

Stacking nootropics help us in a few ways: 

  • Improves absorption of the solo ingredients

  • Increase synergy and potency of ingredients

  • Mitigate side effects of ingredients

But, how can you find a good supplement? Is that some kind of mystery?

Many companies that sell brain supplements use those catchy lines and try to convince you upon your desire to be healthy and find the best possible nootropic stack on the market.

But, is there any such thing?

The answer is technically NO, because of the one main reason.

The only ‘best nootropic stack’ is the one that is working for you, I mean, for your specific goals as well as for unique biology and brain chemistry.

Because each individual is (chemically) unique, the optimum dosage and effect of ingredients depend on your body weight and sensitivity.  

It certainly sounds very different when we read about nootropic doses amounts and trial results in studies on mice and rats. 

Goals around the pre-made nootropic stacks

Not all pre-formulated stacks are made equal in the quality sense, but basically, all nootropic formulations are made around goals like:

  • Memory and learning

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Longevity and healthspan

  • Creativity

  • ADHD

  • Mental clarity

  • Sociability

  • Mental/chronic fatigue

  • Motivation

  • Stress

This is the primary factors to be considered when you are searching for the best nootropic stack. It is important to understand this early on about using nootropics.

It doesn’t make sense just to try something if you don’t need it, right? But, most of the time this is a trial and error game. At least at the beginning of your journey with nootropics.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

– Albert Einstein

The experienced biohackers will tell you that it will take a stack of at least 4 to 5 nootropics to resolve each problem mentioned.

One of the best things about pre-made nootropic stacks is that they can address each of the goals listed above. Or a few of them at once.

Pre-made stacks are a good way to rip off multiple benefits that you will most likely hard to find in solo ingredients. This way, you can get a combination close to your goals, without exposing yourself to the risks of adverse side-effects.

This is not the cheapest variant of finding your supplementation, but it may also be the most advatageous. 

What rules to follow to find best nootropic stacks?

You must go through some preliminary research to identify which nootropics the most effectively suits your goals and problems. 

Keep in mind that a particular nootropic stack may be good for me, but it may not be what you are looking for. No matter of the quality. The stack maybe includes something you don’t need or don’t tolerate well, in respect to your biochemistry. You’ll never know until you do a thorough research, or try a number of ingredients as a stand-alone product.

Above this generalization, here are some rules to avoid disappointment with pre-made stacks:

  • avoid companies that source proprietary blends

The presumed intent here is to hide the “proprietary secrets” of the formula by concealing the dosage of the ingredients. These players don’t want everything to be transparent and don’t provide exact ingredients and dosage. It’s not always a warning for scammy products, but anyhow. If proprietary blends include anything legitimate, the dosages are usually too low to be reliable. It is much better to research the individual ingredients and try them one by one to find out what works for you and in what doses. Then try to find the best transparent nootropic stacks that consist of the ingredients that works for you.

  • Bio-Available Ingredient Forms in stacks

It’s not that all nootropic ingredient forms are designed for the best bioavailability. It is the ability of the nootropic compound to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) providing the higher potency. Many companies use the cheaper forms of nootropics and add it to their pre-made stacks. For the best bioavailability of your chosen nootropic stack look only for those companies that use standardized herbal extracts, rather than plain powder herbal ingredients. Standardized nootropic herbs are reliably safe because they are contain a consistently precise active ingredient percentage.

  • Correct dosing

Sometimes the dosage can be too low to work or too high just to give the impression that the formula actually works. Any high-quality, natural nootropic without additives will not show side effects in the correct dosage. Sometimes low-quality nootropic herbs can be grown under toxic conditions, creating a weaker end product. To compensate, a manufacturer may increase the dosage past the point of tolerability, and that can produce side effects. 

  • No fillers or additives

Whether this condition is met, see under “other ingredients” on the label. Additives, preservatives, fillers, synthetic compounds, and other questionable ingredients could lead to the unwanted side-effects like allergic reactions, mood issues, and upset stomach. To name a few, some of these harmful ingredients are soy, silicas, gluten, gelatin, palm oil, nuts, GMO ingredients, dairy, fish-based substances, artificial colors and preservatives. If you find many of these, it’s probably a junk stack.

  • Try to use the sample of the stack 

Some manufacturers offer samples because they believe in their great product and know you’ll come back for more. This is good because you don’t have to start purchasing a bunch of things you know nothing about despite your research. You can try it for the price of shipping costs.
  • medical advice

As a side note, you may also want to include visiting the medical specialist, doing blood tests and QEEG brain mapping, to see where the exact deficiencies are in your neurology.

How I evaluate the best nootropic stacks

I always try to look at some pretty obvious factors in estimating which pre-made stacks are potential winners in the game. 

It’s not always the case that the strongest nootropic stack is the best for you, neither the most innovative one. But some logical clues can not be overlooked when you are searching for the right and the safest stack to buy.

Here I’ll mention a few:

  • Formula strategy

  • Ingredients quality and transparency

  • Benefits and side effects

  • User experience and money back guarantee

  • Packaging

  • Reviews

  • Budget


So, let’s figure out which are the very best pre-made nootropic stacks and makers. Read about the few pre-made stacks that are well worth of suggestion.

Top 5 pre-made nootropic stacks

manufacturers and blends of choice in 2020

Brands Manufacturers Rating


Wolfson Berg Limited


Natural Stacks


Nootripure Laboratories

Qualia Mind

Neurohacker Collective

Mind Lab Pro

Opti-Nutra LTD

NooCube dietary supplement | natural 'smart drug'

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“There are over 124,000 smarter people in the world today thanks to NooCube.”

– NooCube

The appeal for the NooCube dietary supplement in the first three years of quick business development reveals the increasing demand for most popular natural substances. As well as the increase of term ‘smart drugs’.

The team of neuroscientists, navigated by this pattern, put together the most investigated and medically backed natural ingredients in a synergistic blend which helps assistance and improve your focus, mental speed, and memory.

Nootropic components in NooCube noticeably increase brain function and your body efficiency become in general better. Because it’s made to be safe, NooCube is not overly stimulative however rather a mild supporting supplement with beautiful all day lasting effects.

The absence of caffeine and other energy fillers does that NooCube operates on natural mental power as a substitute for all-day coffee feels.

The producer made all transparent and backed the project by a number of research studies, substantial research and years of scientific trials of ingredients.

label of the ingredients in the 'NooCube' formulation

What makes NooCube special

Noocube improves memory and cognition by enhancing the production of several essential neurotransmitters in the brain. 

Especially acetylcholine, one of the most exemplary neurotransmitters that play an essential role in storing and recalling memories, focus, learning, as well as information retention and muscle motoric function. 

  • Boosts neurotransmitters for better mental speed

  • encourages the growth of new neurons and repairs damaged

  • strenghtening the brain synapses

  • Antioxidant properties

With more acetylcholine in the brain, all mental processes are taking place more speedily and efficiently. 

The key ingredients include:

Bacopa Monnieri – Accelerates mental processing, optimize cognition under stress, and promote relaxation.

Huperzine-A and Alpha GPC – boost acetylcholine for better mental processes. 

L-theanine – improving wakefulness and relaxing state

L-tyrosine and Out straw – Enhances mental performance under stressful conditions

Cat’s Claw – neuroprotection


NooCube benefits

After taking NooCube the state of mind gradually becomes better, the attention to details being finer and the ability of multitasking imminent.

  • Memory

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves concentration

  • Mood booster

  • Supports creativity

  • Increases libido

This tool is great when you have to be focused for longer period without distractions. Memory gradually becomes better due to a well-dosage of Bacopa.

Like in most of all nootropic supplements, the benefits from NooCube will be present as long as you persistently take it. It’s non-addictive so as soon as you stop the effects will last for a while and you’ll gradually get back to your more natural function. But with some long lasting memory benefits.

NooCube is trying to be a complete brain upgrade, but seems to be a little under-dosed for that purpose. This may indicate differences in outcomes for some users and inconsistencies on a daily basis due to tolerance problems. For other users from all age groups it seems to be no problem.


who are noocube users

NooCube is popular among different range of productive people from all age groups. College students that seeking an extra boost to get them through studies, as well as professionals pursuing the edge in the high-pressure corporate world, public speakers.

This stack doesn’t disrupt your natural state of mind so it’s a quite safe recommendation for nootropic beginners. I’d like to call it the gate-keeper.

I still like to take it occasionally because I like the feel of this specific ingredients. For some reason I like what its doing for my empathy side.

People that have been utilizing Alpha Brain, the first mainstream pre-made stack, actually state they are practically similar in feel. Yet NooCube is a cheaper variation of ingredients, and more transparent one.

Suggested dosage: 2 capsules with meals or fatty source. You can go up to 4 capsules daily.

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green tick

  • List of ingredients is quite clean

  • Non-toxic formula

  • Improves brain health

  • Can help in managing Dementia and ADHD

red 'cons' icon

  • Some ingredients are pretty low in dose when potency is concerned

  • Needs to be cycled due to Huperzine-A content

CILTEP | All natural stack for long-term memory and focus

Better brain better life. Use CILTEP to remain sharply motivated and focused for hours.”

– Natural Stacks

Eight years after the random discovery by the Longecity forum members the popular CILTEP (sil-tep) stack still impress by its witty design. One of the longest-running stacks in the nootropic community is branded by Natural Stacks, the world’s first open-source supplement company. They made their nootropics completely transparent.

This 100% natural stack has all the advantages from the competition despite its apparent simplicity. It heightens your level of concentration, focus, and memory function both short and long-term.

CILTEP is actually an acronym for “chemically-induced long-term potentiation”.  Long-term potentiation (LTP) is a biological system behind the brain’s ability to form and store the new knowledge and behavior, memories and learning that can last up to a lifetime.

The idea behind CILTEP is still highly theoretical as well as anecdotal since it’s essentially an oversimplification of exceptionally complex cellular mechanism into elementary math. Yet the hype is born since the product is working and also users from around the world are liking it. 

What makes CILTEP special

CILTEP is a combination of three pharmacological classes of chemicals rather than stacking ‘the most potent nootropic ingredients’ together to see what is their synergistic effect. 

Theory behind CILTEP is that artichoke extract is a good source of luteolin. Luteolin is a PDE4 inhibitor and can thus raise cAMP levels. Forskolin increases cAMP levels by inhibiting its demise. And you can combine the two and create a significant elevation in cAMP levels and subsequent facilitation of LTP mediated by CREB, like you would get from a potent PDE4 inhibitor (rolipram).

  • nutraceutical composition for PDE4 inhibition

  • enhanced dopamine metabolism

  • long term potentiation (LTP)

Stacking ingredients in this way directly stimulate the biochemical machinery that underlies synaptic plasticity.

Benefits of CILTEP

CILTEP stops the brain fog all of us have at those moments when it’s impossible to remain focused. And allow me to inform you, those five major active ingredients brings very sharp focus! It’s because of the well-made dosage of every ingredient.

The boosting in the activity of other essential neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, dopamine, and epinephrine will certainly benefit the rising in cognitive capacities along with a general speed rate.

Due to that activities as well as that it improves the level of level of sensitivity to numerous hormones as well as natural chemicals, people in addition utilize CILTEP to naturally enhance athletic performance.

  • increase motivation

  • optimize mental energy

  • provide strong concentration capacity

  • preserve long – term memory recall

  • stabilize mood and social skills


Who are the CILTEP users

CILTEP is branded like a study aid but it’s really made for adults working hard. It can improve mental focus in your daily life, whether you need it at work, in the house or at school.

Most users of CILTEP experienced an increase in their desire to study, as well as in the absorption of information. Students, scientists, doctors, business executives, filmmakers, firemen, and lots of others are reported the efficient usage from enhancing awareness and endurance, to having an additional sharp focus as well as memory increase.

Suggested dosage: 1-3 capsules per day, in the morning on an empty stomach.

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green tick

  • 100 % natural formula

  • Community driven

  • Great feedback & reviews

  • long-lasting memory benefits

red 'cons' icon

  • Formula lack some vitamins and minerals

THRIIV | the best cognitive ehancement
and CBD game-changer

“The most effective cognitive enhancement product in the world.

– Nootripure Laboratories

THRIIV by Nootripure Laboratories is a newcomer but it is already making a strong impression on the market. A very quick-acting and 12-hour lasting boost of energy, creativity, confidence, and concentration designed to maximize your productivity.

Created by scientists and medical professionals from diverse backgrounds, a blend contains mix of herbs, extracts, neuro-vitamins, and other nootropic compounds that don’t look shallow at all.

The business vision is to provide a little-over-the-top supplement as well as excellent education about nootropics. In their own words, for the world’s most effective cognitive enhancement.

Although it seems like that, the bold claim of the makers is not a joke. 

They made a fantastic effort to customize their inventory in the whole line of cutting edge items that deal with every possible nootropic objective you might be interested to check out.

  • peak athletic performance

  • enhanced productivity

  • rejuvenating sleep

  • enhanced love

  • long term brain-care

THRIIV is the powerful mix of natural and synthetic compounds for enhanced productivity. Very cool supplement that feels powerful yet works pretty safe. 

list of the ingredients in the 'THRIIV' formulation

What makes THRIIV special

Although you can purchase some good ‘energy supplement’ mix of natural and synthetic nootropics, none of them have actually patented CBD content. 

Nootriplex is a unique cannabinoid formula developed by Nootripure Research Foundation that uplifts one’s state of mind offering a happy and pleasant experience.

NewCaff ™ is a recent innovation utilizing nano-particle technology to accurately provide caffeine at a steady rate as not to disrupt your body’s physiological balance.

Every other of 15 ingredients in THRIIV is also top-notch. 

  • increase acetylcholine levels in brain

  • powerful adaptogen mix of herbs 

  • Neuroprotective agents shield 

  • Cannabinoids for relaxing, focusing, healing, and anti-anxiety effects

THRIIV has long-lasting benefits with fewer to none side effects. 

THRIIV benefits

It generates a powerful nootropic effect, a combination of calming energy and mental strength. Which helps things get done quickly.

You’ll have the benefit of shortening your understanding process and concentrate on being productive.

Costs less than standard coffee shop latte but comes without rush or jitters that coffee gives.

  • no crush like in cheaper energy supplements

  • first-class focus

  • mental clarity

  • verbal fluency

  • confidence

  • better memory

  • balanced energy

  • creativity 

I had the ability to reduce the execution time of various concepts of my projects, visual as well as a written one. My workouts really got a special dimension as THRIIV really enhance the body performance.

who are the THRIIV users

It’s a great tool for peak athletic performance because it has the right ingredients for active sport. But it’s also good for students, business owners, service technicians, public speakers, employees from innovative careers, shift workers, or anyone who wants to perform in the best light under stress conditions. 

If you are +55 or have ANY problems with declining in memory, THRIIV may be a good supplement for you too.

Suggested dosage: take a maximum of two capsules with a meal. To avoid desensitization of effect, THRIIV should be cycled.

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green tick

  • Powerfull list of pure ingredients

  • Safe and non-toxic formulation

  • Improves complete performance

  • Nano-particle technology in absorption of ingredients

  • CBD content

red 'cons' icon

  • Novelty at marketplace

Qualia Mind | Cognitive stack Made for the future

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Imagine more. Dream bigger. Go make it happen.

– Neurohacker Collective

Specifically designed to promote focus, support energy, mental clarity, mood, memory, and creativity – Qualia Mind is a superior supplement compared to other nootropic brands at the marketplace.

The premium quality of this product reflects the management team at Neurohacker Collective that is credited for some revolutionary ideas and thinking outside the box.

Created by diverse thinkers along with scientists and doctors from Stanford University and others, Qualia Mind transcends the usual principles of brain supplements. The whole Qualia Mind cognitive upgrade in capsule focus on the objective to aid to a future of humankind.

Its reputation of being one of the best nootropic stacks is indisputable. It tackles multiple goals at once and works from the start to bring you the present results as well as lasting benefits.

What makes it special

Qualia Mind is mega-blend of 28 vegan-friendly ingredients that fall into different classes of compounds that makes this stack unusually advanced and rarely seen among top-notch supplements. 

It consists of:

  • 7 neuro-vitamins

  • 6 adaptogen extracts

  • 5 amino acids

  • 2 choline donors

  • 2 antioxidants

The final product possesses the purest, potent and bioavailable form of each well-dosed active ingredient. The manufacturer claims that every ingredient used is the result of their whole design methodology. 

The special care is taken to understand how those ingredients combine with each other and are based only on strong empirical research.

Because of so much of the ingredients that tend to bring results to most people, it’s also a riskier way to get some stomach complications. But it looks like a great job is done by the company to meet all safety requirements. With no serious complaints or negative reviews in the community. Au contraire!

For those sensitive to caffeine, Qualia Mind caffeine free is a great addition to the Neurohacker product line.

Benefits of Qualia Mind

The biohackers and individuals that take Qualia Mind rapport very smooth experience with some interesting outcomes. 

  • Increased mental clarity / lucidity

  • Enhanced ability to enter a flow state

  • More energy and productivity

  • decreased procrastination

  • Increased focus and concentration

  • Mood-uplifting effects

  • Increased creativity and generating ideas

  • increases linguistic and mental sharpness

Benefits can be felt in as soon as 40 minutes, delivering calm energized focus all day. Keep in mind that Qualia is not overly stimulating, so you will not become on it something you are not. It will remove distractions and expand your cognitive potential as well as increase your mental reactions. 

Who are the users of Qualia Mind?

Qualia Mind already has many advocates among the well-known doctors, fitness trainers, nutritionist, as well as ordinary people in search of an all-in-one solution.

As the aim of Qualia Mind is to bring the optimal performance for everyone, the users are the people from different backgrounds, age, and life orientation. 

Obviously, though, it is a fairly expensive product and slightly inconvenient to use as you have to take at least 7 capsules per day.

But for the promises it can bring this might not be the main obstacle.

Suggested dosage: Up to 7 capsules per day. The optimal dosage of Qualia may vary based on your chemistry. Start with the 5 capsules. To avoid desensitization of effect, Qualia Mind should be cycled. We recommend taking 2 days off each weekly.

green tick

  • Professional stack that you can count that works

  • Get you into the groove and flow state

  • Complete brain optimization

  • Passionate and authentic team

red 'cons' icon

  • 7 capsules in a day is a little bit inconvenient

  • As a first time experience, it could be a little strange - not for complete beginners

Mind Lab Pro® | finest ingredients in this universal classic

100% brain power. 

– Opti-nutra LTD

While you’re haunting the phrase “best nootropic stacks” on Google or anywhere else, you’ll see this supplement in many recommendations.

The Mind Lab Pro® is a classic example of how good stack should be working. In goals (benefits) like memory, mental performance, mood and stress resistance, maintenance, and brain repair.

This all-natural stack is a classic ”nutraceutical” and nootropic to discover.

Mind Lab Pro® is still the golden industry standard when considering pre-made stacks. Even today when new stacks tend to be more advantageous.

Opti-Nutra created this stack to target and unlock the potential of every area of your brain, not just a few brain pathways as what most companies presented in their blends.

Mind Lab Pro® is completely in natural mode. Even the capsules are plant-based, not a semi-synthetic polymer used by others. The packaging is also recycled and biodegradable.

What makes it special

The fact that you know you are getting the full-spectrum nootropic ingredients is this stack forte.

Read in our previous post about the power of standardized extracts, and how to get the best out of nootropic ingredients.

To name a few of the great extracts you’ll find in MLP:

  • Citicoline (Cognizin®) – it is called a ‘multi-tasking nootropic’ as it affects many brain pathways like brain energy, neurotransmitters, brain blood flow, brain waves, neuroprotection, and regeneration. Cognizin is an extremely pure, branded, standardized form of Citicoline.

  • Phosphatidylserine (Sharp PS® Green) – PS increases Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) levels which helps promote neurogenesis, maintenance, and repair. PS also helps immune cells. The Sharp PS® Green extract is from sunflower lecithin.
  • Bacopa MonnieriThe main star in the world of neurotransmitters support, brain energy, cerebral circulation, and neuroprotection. Bacopa offers all of that. Mind Lab Pro uses a specialized extract with the precise dosage of nine active nootropic compounds: Bacosine, Bacoside – A, Bacoside – I, Bacoside – II, Bacopasaponin C, Apigenin, Luteolin, Beta-sitosterol-D-glucoside, Jujubogenin isomer of Bacopasaponin C.

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – improve brain function across many parameters. It regenerates neurons and fights nerve demage. It stimulates enzyme production that releases Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). With the whole fruiting body extract, it has deep and long-lasting effects.

  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract – MLP is the first pre-made stack that started using this great ingredient. It’s a neurovasodilator that improves the blood flow in the brain. And also promote Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), an important protein for brain regeneration.

In the perfect synergy of the ingredients, where each ingredient tackles a few brain pathways and form strong connections throughout this stack, it’s clear that MLP will have strong benefits.

Benefits of Mind Lab Pro®

Can you really expect the 100% brainpower? 

Well, if you ask the experts, Mind Lab Pro can even be compared to synthetic solutions like Racetam or stimulants like Modafinil, but it’s still better than these for long-term health. The secret lies in the fact that the synergy of the correct form of natural nootropics can be so strong.

Anyway I would not compare it to the mentioned substances. People so often compare different classes of supplements which is wrong because no size fits all. All of them has its pros and cons. 

Although Mind Lab Pro is not the strongest solution at the marketplace, the benefits/goals it presents are achievable for beginners and experienced nootropic fans.

  • Better short- and long-term memory

  • Alertness, concentration, focus, motivation

  • Decision-making is faster and better

  • Dramatically reduced anxiety levels

  • Better mood and quality of life

Mind Lab Pro is primarily a way to improve cognitive performance using well-studied components that do not have a major risk of side effects. This definitely puts it in the class of the best nootropic stacks.

Who are the users of Mind Lab Pro®?

Mind Lab pro support studying and learning where attention, storage, and recall are substantial. 

For the gym enthusiasts or serious athletes, it works on willpower, motivation, and intensity of training.

For competitors, it will work in the form of sharp thinking and a clear mind.

In the working environment where you must multitasking under stress conditions and be creative with problem-solving, it will boost performance.

For our elderly that seeking extra support, it could bring them back a memory, verbal communication, mood, and mental clarity.

Suggested dosage: two capsules with meals last the entire day.

green tick

  • Two capsules last the entire day

  • Quality assurance tested before, during and after encapsulation

  • good for nootropic beginners as well as experienced fans

  • Top-tier ingredients

  • Veggie product

red 'cons' icon

  • Still has insufficient of ingredients for top-notch impact

man in front of the board looking at the mathematic formulas


There is no one-size-fits-all nootropic stack.

Basically, there are only two methods for stacking nootropics:

  • Take pre-made nootropic stacks

  • Create your own custom nootropic stack

These two methods are viable techniques that will manifest results more speedily and notably. Nootropics naturally have synergistic properties and are readily more absorbent when stacking together.

Of the two methods, I found that buying a pre-made nootropic stacks is a good solution for beginners and of course for our elderly.

Pre-made stacks are good if:

  • you are at the beginning searching for an ideal combination

  • If you don’t want all that weird gadgetry – part of DIY process

  • You want to take efficient nootropics when you are at a go or at work

Some of the best nootropic stacks from this review can even be upgraded by using DIY stacking methods. 

Or you can start using each solo ingredients to learn how it affects you, and then with more knowledge of what is working build your own stack someday.

Pre-formulated solutions are getting better and better these days. In this review we recommend only the best brands that care for what’s in the capsule.

Our list of the best nootropic stacks will be updated and expanded. So follow us!

Now it’s you who need to take action if you want to receive multiple benefits these pre-made stacks have to offer. 

Who is your winner?

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