The Best 20 Online Vendors To Buy Nootropics in 2023

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If you’re on the hunt for nootropics and nutritional supplements, you won’t typically find them at your local retail stores like GNC, Walmart, or Walgreens. Instead, you’ll need to look online to find a variety of options, including racetams, brain-boosting pills, mushroom and herbal extracts, and nootropic stacks with high bioavailability.

To help you make an informed purchase, we’ve compiled a list of the best nootropic vendors and distributors based on strict criteria. Our team has scoured thousands of customer reviews, tested suppliers from the US, EU, and Russia, consulted with biohacking experts, and investigated vendor histories to ensure that you’re getting high-quality products from reputable sources.

Our vendor guide is an excellent starting point for your search for the best nootropics online, but keep in mind that prices can vary, and our list is regularly updated to reflect changes in the market. So, whether you’re new to the world of nootropics or a seasoned user, trust our guide to help you find the best products from trustworthy vendors.

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consider these factors to buy nootropics online

criteria to buy nootropics graphic

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best nootropic vendors and distributors on the market and highlighted the factors to consider when making your purchase.

  1. BRANDS: Look for vendors with a consistent reputation and a demonstrated willingness to correct mistakes. Some newer suppliers are also excellent, so consider their reviews.

  2. QUALITY: The vendor quality impacts the quality of the product. Try to find high-quality, natural ingredients and always ask the vendor for details.

  3. CERTIFICATION: Look for vendors that provide certificates of analysis (COA) for their products. This provides information on the quality and performance of the product and is often provided by an independent third-party laboratory.

  4. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Reputable vendors offer customer support on all channels to quickly address any concerns you may have.

  5. SHIPPING AND REFUND POLICY: Look for vendors with outstanding shipping and refund policies that are generous in case of lost products.

  6. SUPPLEMENT FACTS: The best vendors provide exact details about ingredients, dosage, form, quality assurance, COA, and storage instructions.

  7. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS & BIOAVAILABILITY: Ensure the supplement contains active ingredients and check the bioavailability of the product.

  8. OTHER INGREDIENTS: Look for products with no unnecessary fillers or additives.

  9. PRICING & DISCOUNTS: Consider the vendor’s pricing and if they offer any discounts to active customers.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when purchasing nootropics and nutritional supplements online.

Best nootropic vendors reviews

Guide to the 20 of the best nootropic vendors

These are trusted online sellers we regularly order nootropics and supplements. Here you will find authentic nootropics for any biohacking goal you have set for yourself.

You can choose vendors based on:

Let’s start with the reviews.

» Common nootropics and natural extracts

Nootropics depot

Nootropics depot vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Nootropics Depot is a reputable US vendor and one of the best mainstream online stores to buy nootropics. The excellent reputation in the marketplace is due to the large selection of nootropics they offer. They supply powders for plenty of the premade nootropic stacks you see online. If you want to buy single nootropics in encapsulated or powdered form, this is the place. They use extensive in-house testing and synthesis of products to determine the purity. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is available upon request. Also, they have a fantastic blog for education about supplements.

They offer standardized natural plant extracts and patented formulations. From brands such as BaCognize and Synapse (bacopa). Sensoril and KSW 66 (ashwagandha). Cognizin (citicoline). Nammex (medicinal mushrooms) and more. Also, a variety of racetams, choline sources, and workout supplements. The great thing is they provide samples. Before purchasing a full-size jar, you can trial nootropic compounds or dietary supplements and find what works best for you.

While they stock synthetic nootropics, Nootropics depot predominately provides many natural nootropic extracts and several new innovative formulations. This seems to be the company’s future focus, as many of the previously standard synthetic nootropics will be regulated sooner or later. Authentic guys run the e-store, all trusted members of the nootropic community. So you can’t go wrong buying from them.

Read more in our full Nootropics Depot review.



Double Wood Supplements

Double Wood Supplements vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Double Wood Supplements is another long-serving nootropic vendor that started in 2014. This company owes its success to independent certificates of analysis, both in-house and by third-party testing. This practice is necessary as ingredients for their supplements are ordered from manufacturers worldwide. While it is not always easy to find quality raw ingredients, Double Wood Supplements is known to have great products.

Many of their new customers come through referral channels because experts often recommend them as one of the best nootropics vendors. They have superior customer service with a fast response to all issues. 

They specialize in a variety of herbal and exotic nootropics and until recently offered Adrafinil. That changed with new regulations, so as a good player Double Wood abandoned their sale of Phenibut and Adrafinil. They now stock supplements for focus and motivation, stress management, memory support, sleep aids, anti-aging, cholesterol support, and weight-lifting. Also, they provide specials and combo deals like a custom stack called ‘Beginner’s Nootropic Stack. Read more about testing it in our full Double Wood Supplements review.

The only con about this store is that they ship to the US only. If you happen to live outside the US, check out this tutorial.

International custom shipping of Double Wood Supplements.



Pure Nootropics

Pure Nootropics vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Pure Nootropics are among the most trustworthy independent vendors in the marketplace. They have been an authentic supplier of nootropics and dietary supplements since 2013. As their name suggests, the products come at no less than 98% purity. They are screened for toxic impurities by a third-party lab.

Their inventory stocked common nootropics in capsules and powders. From the racetams, medicinal mushrooms, natural nootropics, and nootropics bundles. Pure Nootropics offer some of the cheapest nootropics in the world. As many reviewers state, their encapsulated forms of nootropics are great. You don’t have to deal with measuring and weighing the powder to get an accurate dose. That’s the beauty of making them in a capsule.

The company has partnered with other trusted suppliers that produce premium natural nootropic extracts. They stock smart drugs like Adrafinil too.

Pure Nootropics accepts standard payment options and ships international orders with some exclusions. You can also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. 



Natural Stacks

Natural Stacks vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Natural stacks is a Seattle-based company that has been around since 2013. Their product portfolio is growing with more than 20 different natural nootropics, stacked formulas, and wellness products. It all began with the famous CILTEP stack, but now they offer Prebiotic+, CBD formulas, medicinal mushrooms, and so on. 

The uniqueness of this company comes from the commitment to use only earth-grown ingredients in all of their products. They also stick to open-source formulations. That means they’ve taken care of ingredient traceability, full label disclosure, and 3rd Party Lab Testing. Also, the company operates by the FDA and GMP regulations. Besides that, all of their ingredients have been clinically tried and tested. 

Their products may not be the cheapest on the market, but they bring tremendous value. You know you are buying ethical products harvested according to top-notch standards. Natural Stacks has excellent customer support and is very generous on discounts once you are a repeat customer. Free Standard Shipping applies to orders over $30, shipped within the U.S. International standard shipping varies based on current carrier rates.



Lost Empire Herbs

Lost Empire Herbs vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Lost Empire Herbs nurtures a holistic family approach. This California-based company sells just all-natural earth-growing nutrients. They have an evocative mission to reconnect people to nature. They help to share knowledge, tools, and lifestyle practices for performance and well-being. They have one of the best customer support in the online supplements market.

The store offer tinctures, nootropic formulas, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogen herbs, men’s health, bundles, gear, and books. A large selection of the most popular nootropic (super) herbs is available. Whether you’re looking to increase energy, improve cognition, or improve performance, they’ve got it.

The company offers free domestic shipping to all North American orders worth more than $100. They provide a whopping 365-day money-back guarantee. 

Since they only ship to the US, please refer to this guide for international orders of Lost Empire Herbs products.

International custom shipping of Lost Empire Herbs.




Liftmode vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Liftmode is a US-based supplier that has been around since 2010. The company opened an office in Japan to better manage its business from eastern markets. They source a wide selection of individual nootropics as well as nootropic stacks. Word of mouth is that Liftmode offers far better Phenibut than any distributor in the area. It is supplied as a free-form amino acid to be taken sublingually for quicker effects.

This vendor’s strong point is the top quality of testing. They are known to include the laboratory results with the compounds you ordered. The majority of online shops don’t do that. Since nootropic extracts obtained from soil-grown raw materials usually contain elevated levels of heavy metals, testing for heavy metals is necessary. Liftmode also provides the bacteria examination, isomeric purity examination, pureness test, contaminants test, and identity test.

With such outstanding quality, examining on the same level is their customer support that includes interaction on all networks. If you reside within the US, you secure free shipping if your order exceeds 25 bucks. And a 90-day money-back guarantee.

They have ongoing loyalty discounts, promotions, and free shipping options that will further reduce the total cost of your order.




Vitamonk vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Vitamonk is a US online nootropic store that describes itself as a premium supplement company dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients to enhance human health – for both the body and mind. The company entered the industry as ample enough to manufacture in stable quantities and pass the savings on to its customers. They promise doctor-formulated supplements, complete transparency backed by science, and safe and quality Ingredients.

Vitamonk has produced a broad line of nutritional supplements catering to a wide audience — including, but not limited to cognitive enhancers. And, what is essential to modern customers, is that Vitamonk also provides quality supplements with high doses and bioavailability. They do extensive testing backed by some of the latest science. Have a simple ordering process, and provide extraordinary, fast customer service and shipping.

Except for essential nootropic ingredients, Vitamonk also carries exciting products and nootropic blends you can’t see all that often. Like an adaptogen blend, ketone supplements, sleep support, and other categories.

Vitamonk is one of those vendors with reasonably priced and transparently dosed supplements, exciting products, and a general sense of honesty in their marketing.



HR supplements

HR Supplements vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

HR Supplements is a manufacturer of supplements from many categories like bodybuilding, joint pain, cognitive health, nootropics, and more. They are known for a range of high-quality laboratory-tested ingredients from 5 of their brands. Hard Rhino Supplements has a background of 25+ years in the supplement industry.

They are from Phoenix, Arizona, located in an FDA-regulated facility with cGMP and quality control processes throughout the production chain. Nootropics Depot and HR Supplements are nearby but not related other than being excellent online nootropic stores. They’ve put a lot of effort into e-store innovation. Their instant COAs are at the forefront by being noticed and easily accessible by all.

Their e-store is well organized and fast, the customer support is excellent, and the distribution process is also great. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours, excluding weekends. Orders containing bulk category items may have a lead time due to these orders being made upon order request and may incur 3-4 business days for additional production. For now, they are also shipping to 13 countries outside the United States. 

Here you can find all legal nootropics of the highest quality and safe for mass consumption.




BrainMD vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

BrainMD has launched around 2009 by one of the US leading health experts and a multi-time New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Daniel Amen. That made the company reputable from the very beginning. In his team, he gathered a list of authorized doctors of psychiatry and addiction, as well as experts in nutritional supplements. All this makes them different from the usual brands of this type.

Their supplement line includes formulas that reach whole-body health, strengthen immunity, improve sleep and provide quality nutrition for your brain function. In addition to various ingredients for memory, focus, energy, stress, and mood support, you will find many pre-made nootropic stacks, daily wellness packs for adults and kids, and other bundle deals. Where possible, there are no additives, which means no animal products, soy, yeast, or gluten.

BrainMD is certified for Good Manufacturing Practices. That means clean facilities with controlled temperature and humidity and regularly disinfected. They are also testing the raw materials and finished products for yeasts, molds, bacteria, and heavy metals.

Shipping is free on all US orders over $75 (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and overseas). They also ship internationally, with handy guidance on how much you can expect to pay in customs. Among the many surprises that fill their website is a handy quiz that will tell you which supplements to take.



Absorb Health

Absorb Your Health vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Absorb Health is one of the oldest online stores, in work since 2011. The company specializes in health supplements but also carries various synthetic and natural nootropics. Most of their nootropics come in capsules. Convenient for people that don’t like nootropics powders.

Absorb Health stands out for they list a certificate of analysis and 3rd party identity test. Under each of their products. A few suppliers provide this. You can rest assured ingredients are not contaminated with harmful chemicals.

They come with competitive prices but make it up with a variety of supplements and shipping to almost every country worldwide. The free shipping is for orders exceeding $75. Also, the 90-day money-back guarantee makes it safer for people that don’t like to gamble with nootropics they don’t need.



Raw Powders

Raw Powders vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Raw Powders is among the reliable nootropics vendors that have been in high demand lately. This wholesaler is based in the EU, with manufacturing facilities in Ireland and Lithuania. Their e-shop is one of the leading mental health supplement shops in the UK.

On the Raw Powders website, you will find broad categories of supplements. Nootropics and brain food that enhance the performance of our brain. Health and wellness supplements like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Also, a weight-loss and sports nutrition powders and supplements. They produce the most wanted mental health supplements such as Noopept, Phenibut, Melatonin, or L-theanine. Despite the previous leaders of the nootropics world, they have more than 80 different supplements with diverse benefits.

The company has made an effort to offer professional and friendly support accompanied by great nootropic products that they know a lot about. For COAs they use the original ones that their suppliers provide to them. If you are a buyer from EU countries, in most of them you will have to pay customs or orders will be stopped at customs. Keep in mind that not all nootropics are legal in many EU countries.

Raw Powders is of good quality, reasonable pricing, and a nice assortment company. So it should be one of the options to stop by if you buy nootropics online.


Cons vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends is a UK company with the main office in the US. This vendor definitively capitalizes on a remembering domain name. But also due to great customer service and the right company attitude. After launching the brand in 2016, soon they committed to ensuring it with its unique approach as well as transparency of the products. The company takes all its COAs under the products. Also, they partnered with the Ceretropic laboratory for quality-assurance testing. is well known for its high-quality supplements, good prices, and ease of use. The innovation on their website is the ability to search for products by filtering the effects.

The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you send back your order unopened. They ship worldwide but don’t refund when packages are seized at the local customs department. They have a complete list of countries where they refuse to accept orders due to this scenario. Details about shipping, payment, store policies, and other important information can be found in their FAQ section.



Mind Nutrition

Mind Nutrition vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Mind Nutrition specializes in the development of science-based natural nootropic supplements to optimize memory and mental performance. They offer single ingredients, in encapsulated and powdered form. The inventory also contains various nootropic stacks, solutions, neuro packages, as well as teas and resins. They also hold some famous nootropic brands like Nammex (mushroom extracts), Bacognize (bacopa), KSM-66 (ashwagandha). One unique thing that makes this shop stand out from the others is that they offer decent free sample packages.

Their prices are competitive but reasonable and on par with US vendors. They work with trusted independent labs and offer COA certificates. Fast delivery and great customer care are assured. Shipping is internationally free for orders over £ 200. They often organize discounts for regular customers.

For best nootropic vendors the biggest issue is getting products into the EU and dealing with the gray area legislations concerning supplements. Buying from Mind Nutrition is a safe choice for European biohackers who are frustrated with dealing with international shipping.



Life Extension

Life Extension vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Life Extension is an industry leader and a catalog/internet brand that develops and provides dietary formulations crafted with the finest raw materials based on the most recent scientific research. With a 40-year dedication to advancement, scientific research, and optimal health, Life Extension has earned a credibility for thoroughly checking the purity of ingredients, ensuring the proper scientific doses, providing personalized health advice, and delivering supplements directly to consumers at costs significantly less than those at your neighborhood pharmacy. Unlike commercial manufacturers, Life Extension never chooses their ingredients based on cost and is dedicated to giving you the most nutritional potency for your dollar.

Their store contains a magnificent number of vitamins and minerals, supplements, herbs and botanicals, home lab tests, diet, and lifestyle products. Also, they offer access to strong content, articles, video, and insights in trends and science to support or maybe strengthen your knowledge of health. The customer service call center is available seven days a week. Like wellness specialists with whom you can discuss how to create a regimen of diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise that suits you. There’s also a nutrition center call center that can go into detail about the supplements available through Life Extension.

If you demand premium-quality supplements and extensively researched health information, buying from Life Extension is well worth the extra cost.




Amazon vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Amazon is a dominator in the retail space on the internet. It’s an excellent destination for basic nootropics such as choline, L-theanine, creatine, Lion’s Mane etc. Some vendors from our list supply here. Also, Vitamin Shoppe, Now Foods, Nutrigold, Genius Consciousness, Onnit, and Neurohacker Collective are some of the best Amazon vendors. But Amazon is usually not the best place if you are looking for branded nootropic supplements at discounted price. Usually its better to go to a manufacturer website.

Amazon doesn’t carry some of the more potent nootropics like the racetams, adrafinil, or noopept. But it’s a convenient and cost-effective choice for buying powerful natural cognitive enhancers that are classified as dietary supplements. They carry such a vast selection of brands that you can often find excellent deals. 

While in the Amazon Prime members program, you get free two-day US shipping for qualifying purchases. Also, all standard payment options are accepted. If you are ordering from Amazon, keep in mind that they come with a wide variety of brands, but not all can match in quality.




As you peruse the reviews, it’s worth noting that we’ve curated premium deals catering to a diverse range of specific objectives. Our offerings extend beyond just supplements; they encompass an array of cutting-edge solutions, from DNA testing and brain stimulation to superlearning techniques and specialized breathing methods.

Premium Supplements Deals & Coupons 2023

The best deals based on different shopping goals

Best supplements deals

» Less common nootropics


SwissChems vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

SwissChems is a relatively newer US-based vendor that sells less common nootropics. They are not interested in herbs or organic products but in rare-to-find racetam nootropics, metabolics, peptides, SARMs, longevity supplements, and natural extracts. The company ships worldwide with nootropics and researched chemicals that have become hard to get since the shutdown of some major companies in the US. They are the successors of the beloved Science Biologics vendor and probably the new best source of SARMs.

Among other less common and exotic nootropics on stock are Sunifiram, Bromantane, PRL-8-53, Semax, Phenibut, Ampakines, Methylene Blue, even the amphetamine-like stimulant, 1,3-DMAA, etc. They sell practically every exotic and rare nootropic that’s very hard to find nowadays. All their products are legal for sale and export out of the US.

Although their catalog of products is expensive, the company treats you with great deals and stable discounts. As for the quality concerned, for every product, there is a readily available COAs. Their product quality guarantee states that if you test your order at an authorized third-party lab, they will refund your order with the cost of testing if it fails.




Newmind vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Newmind is the sister company of the acclaimed Liftmode vendor. They sell researching compounds only for scientific inquiry and independent scientists. People see them as the best reagent/raw material vendor based in the US. You can find a variety of rare nootropics here, but any mention of human or animal consumption will get you turned down by them. 

Because of people in need for that kind of stuff, there is a sensible point where this business must think of its own security too. So you’re not allowed to order more than you need. And sometimes they will not approve an account for a variety of reasons. But not very often, as their team of experts is top-notch.

All of their products are diverse, lab-tested, come with an authentic Certificate Of Analysis, professionally packaged, and shipped out immediately upon ordering.

One of the best parts of being their regular client is that you will be rewarded with many discounts without even having to enter coupon codes. There is also a 90-day return/refund policy in case of any quality concern that might arise.

Newmind FULLY discloses the product name and pricing of your order on the package label. Depending on where you live, you’re at risk of being taxed or having your order seized by customs, depending on the chemical you purchased. 



» Pharmaceutical grade nootropics

Cosmic Nootropic

Cosmic Nootropic vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

Cosmic Nootropic is the Russian supplement store that is a reliable source if you’re looking for stuff exclusively found in Russia. In today’s market of nootropics, they’re an important link to the original Russian-made nootropic formulas. They also stock some of the products in their US warehouse.

Cosmic Nootropic ships only non-scheduled pharmaceutical products. Products that are not available domestically, so they are providing people with what they could not have purchased otherwise. Even if the doctor wanted to prescribe it. Apart from that, all these products have passed quality tests because a product that is sold in a pharmacy must be approved for use and manufactured according to rather strict standards.

With the wide inventory of nootropics and smart drugs, the prices are also fair enough. Payment can be more user-friendly, as they do not accept credit cards or PayPal. But it is normal due to the nature of their products. In some countries, nootropics are considering medicine or may even be prohibited. So, you can pay with Bitcoins, or online wallets, as well as Azimo, Transferwise, and PaySend.

They provide amazing customer support and are generous with discounts. Their COAs are provided on demand. They are fast shipping worldwide, but unfortunately, there is an exception. They do not ship in some European countries, as well as in Brazil, UAE, CIS countries, and African countries.

Read the full review




RUPharma vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

RUPharma is a Russian vendor that caters to European countries, as well as worldwide. The company stock a variety of high-quality hard-to-get nootropics. On inventory are other health and wellness products that they deliver on time with tracking and discreet packaging. The good thing is they also use sampler packs. You can try the products for a portion of the cost before spending for an entire pack.

The downside is that they just accept Bitcoin and bank transfers. They do offer 10% discounts on Bitcoin which isn’t sustainable for many buyers. For VIP buyers they offer to pay via credit card, but you will need to purchase at least €500 from their store.

For orders within the EU and UK, delivery is done within the week and a half (working days). For the US the approximate shipment time is about two weeks. You can find the full list on their Payment and Shipping page. They are very responsive to anything you could be concerned about.



» Best Online Vendor To Buy Modafinil


ModafinilXL vendor products and google trends popularity 2022
source: Google Trends

ModafinilXL vendor has been around since 2010 and ships primarily in the US. This company made an impression on the increasing number of people that want to feel engaged and productive. Experts called them the ‘Amazon’s of Modafinil’ as a result of Modafinil and Armodafinil based products. Among others, Modafinil XL’s four main products are Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil.

With the great testimonials that originate from Reddit, Trustpilot, and all over the internet, they’ve enforced as the best vendor that focuses on Modafinil online supply. ‘No prescription is needed, very discreet product packaging, no adverse side-effects, or nasty taste’ are just several of the reviewer’s claims. 

If you are new to trying out modafinil they offer Free Trial Packs (Modalert and Artvigil, 10 pills for free). They stand out for the fast and authentic customer service and comprehensive help center. With many discounts and offers ModafinilXL vendor is hard to resist. 

The downside is that they just accept Bitcoin and bank transfers. But, ModafinilXL offers a 35% discount on the total order when paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Free shipping on orders above 80 USD and flawless delivery are some things to consider for your money’s worth.




There are simply a lot of quality and authenticity issues that you have to overcome before buying nootropics online. But when you find the right place, it’s usually a gold-worthy venture. Because the internet is also where you will find the best nootropics and smart drugs.

Personally, I would recommend you to only choose online vendors that provide:

  • Wide range of nootropics supplements

  • Third-party and in-house safety tests

  • High-quality and fairly-priced products based on reviews

Here we have reviewed a several reliable suppliers that set high industry standards. They are a good reference point no matter what type of supplements you are looking for.

Our list of the best nootropics vendors will be updated regularly. 

Enjoy top brain supplements and use good judgment in your vendors!

How has this list changed? Read back through our update history:

9/21/22: We’ve updated the Google Trends list for each vendor. Changes are noticeable over the years. Sellers gain and lose popularity, and some close their operations. That was recently the case with Reachgenius and Science Bio, which we always recommended. The nootropics industry is a dynamic market, and our selection of the best suppliers is not only based on their traffic, company size, or reputation. Here, we are focused on bringing you only the highest quality nootropic suppliers.

Pick up nootropics that best reflect your goal

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