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The NootropicBlend.com is a source of reviews of premium brain supplements that we also call nootropics. Regardless of your experience in nootropics or the type of information you are looking for, we are here to help and keep you all up to date.

You can find actionable content about the best supplements, guides on nootropics, news from the research and videos about new product launches, interviews with nootropics experts, classes, and podcasts by the best online academies and neurohacking communities.

We also use all the products recommended here, which means that we are well acquainted with all the benefits they have to offer. Also since nothing is black and white we try to highlight flaws or little things that should be corrected. If such exist. And it seems that always exists.

We buy only from respected sources and don’t recommend an unsafe or unethical product.

Why we do it?

It’s great that today we can improve our cognitive abilities on a chemical level as well. Especially in recent years, there are many quality cognitive supplements. Our goal is to be part of a healthy culture of using these supplements, so you don’t have to go through challenging preliminary mistakes when using them.

We want to uncover the burning issues you have as customers. And we want you to be on the safe side when it comes to taking supplements. Giving the right information to you is a reward for us and means a lot.

How to use nootropics?

The best approach in using brain boosters is to raise the level of your overall health first. By practicing things such as good sleep, enough meditation or exercise, and maintaining a clean diet. And be mentally occupied with learning new things all the time.

Only then adding the supplements regime will fit in as a powerful combo bringing you the peak results.

This is a layered topic, which we’ll cover quite a bit on this blog, but here are some useful nuggets for you.

  • It is essential to make use of high-quality supplements and also to make certain that active components are possibly standardized and bioavailable, otherwise, you will not really feel any kind of genuine advantages with nootropics or any other supplements. Link

  • Buy smart and always stay informed. Nootropics supplements are not always what it seems, so read labels carefully. Link

  • Have a goal (types of nootropics) on your mind when using and stacking nootropics. Because too much experimenting spoils the benefits. Link

Who is in the team?

The Nootropic Blend team is a small community of detective-minded friends when it comes to supplements testing. We have been using them all for years in our studying, professional work, exercising and raising productivity.

This site reflects our concern about what we are getting from the dietary supplements and how our body responds to them. We’re especially careful about testing the supplements in general. You will see that in all reviews and videos. 

What we can do?

With our standard disclaimer that will explain to you that we are not authorized to give health advice, we want to draw your attention to the right products and natural hacks that you can use and ask your healthcare professional or trusted professional about them.

Many of our texts explore the following:

  • Smart methods to focus and think better and to improve your work, beat endless deadlines, speed up projects or any kind of professional difficulty.

  • How to choose better study blends that are a much healthier choice compared to prescription drugs designed to treat attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (also known as ADHD).

  • We discuss the most effective wellness, sports, and anti-age supplements for individuals who need them, and which are inextricably linked to nootropics.

  • How to find other brain hacks like memory masterclasses or natural tips to level up your brain health, besides using supplements.

Reach out and tell us what you think about nootropics, and do you need a recommendation?

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Disclaimer: None of the declarations made on this site have actually been investigated by the Food and Drug Administration. All articles on this site are the viewpoints of their particular authors who do not claim or proclaim to be medical specialists supplying medical recommendations. It’s important to consult with a medical professional before starting a new supplement regime.                                                                       


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