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Double Wood Supplements review examines a popular online store that has high-quality natural nootropics and a variety of 70 dietary supplements made in the US at their depository. Is it a reliable supplier?

Overall Rating: 4.2

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who owns double wood supplements?

Double Wood Supplements is one of the long-standing suppliers in the nootropic products market. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, the company was founded in 2014 by two brothers, Evan and Reese Wood, hence the name ‘Double Wood’.

The company offers a range of products such as nootropics, focus and motivation supplements, choline supplements, anti-aging support, cholesterol support, antioxidants, sleep aids, fitness supplements, and more.

Although it all started as a small business, they have grown up to become one of the top-quality suppliers that the community and partners trust. With one branch in Pennsylvania, they remain small but with a highly effective team and marketing strategy.

We have reviewed their online store, talked to their CEO Evan Wood, and use some of their products like the Beginner’s nootropic stack.

Double Wood Supplements review Summary

Overall rating:
Double Wood Supplements review


  • Variety of 70+ dietary supplements from the 10 categories, and quality nootropics trusted by customers and retailers.
  • Website speed, good return policy, and safe checkout.
  • Double Wood has one of the best customer support out there, probably the fastest.
  • They have different dietary supplements approved to only quality active ingredients and well-dosed.
  • Certificate of analysis and third-party testing improved their score in our review.
  •  We’d recommend checking out their best sellers: Alpha GPC, Magnesium Threonate, Phosphatidylserine, as well as some popular supplements like Turkesterone, NMN, Quercetin with Bromelain, Tongkat Ali, etc.

Double Wood Supplements

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Quality control

double wood supplements

Writing a review, we were positively surprised not just with product quality, but the friendliness of their customer support too. Therefore, we asked a few questions to one of their CEOs, Evan Wood.

He introduced to us how the DWS is backed by evidence-based research and third-party lab testing. He guaranteed us that the products are made in the United States (in the GMP-certified facility) and always tested for purity.

For various supplements, they provide two things on their product pages:

  • Certificate of analysis

  • Third-party test results (advanced HPLC method)

In addition to COA, DWS uses the HPLC method for heavy metal detection in several products. This is the kind of additional “purity” test that consumers look for when buying nootropics, especially chemical drugs like Adrafinil and Phenibut.

Would it be more appropriate for HPLC to become the standard for all your products? We asked.

We use HPLC testing when possible. We have 70+ products and not every product can be tested for using HPLC. We do instruct testing labs to use it when appropriate though.

– Evan Wood

Due to the tightening of sales of synthetic substances in recent times, as a good player, they were among the first to support it. Therefore, they withdrew the sale of Phenibut and Adrafinil, unfortunately for many buyers.

Now they are sourcing only natural products and many nootropic extracts

We have also asked can the consumers expect that DWS put all products only into plant or veggie capsules?

While many of our products use veggie capsules, they are significantly more expensive and so our higher volume products where we are having large batches produced still use bovine gelatin capsules as switching to veggie capsules would make the orders cost way more up front and we would have to raise prices on some products if we switched them to veggie caps.

– Evan Wood

Is Double Wood Supplements legit?

Double Wood Supplements on Trust Pilot
Double Wood Supplements Trustpilot

Let’s try to rate DWS at a few points to find if it’s legit.

  • Customers Reviews/Complaints online

This supplier has the majority of positive reviews that praise both the company’s products and customer service. With quick shipping and reliable customer support, the company doesn’t have many enemies. Their website is clean, fast, and double optimized for secure shopping.

  • Products safety?

You want to make sure you understand the difference between many diverse supplements on their website. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Choose only the products that will provide the best fit for your specific health needs. They source many high-quality and safe nootropic products. Some of their products such as Alfa GPC, Uridine, Magnesium Threonate, Phosphatydilserine, Sulbutiamine, Berberine, Lion’s Mane are anecdotally among the best to buy.

  • Customer Service & Website

They are one of the few major manufacturers to cherish a close-knit team identity model. Despite the company’s comparatively small size, it requires team members to rely on each other to offer exceptional customer service and to reply to emails quickly.

  • Cost and Price Plans

They don’t produce some of the most affordable supplements, but DWS supplies with free delivery to make it budget-friendly. Usually, a bottle of 30 pills will set you back $1 per pill, aside from all taxes. This is competitive with other best suppliers. 

  • Alternatives

Double Wood Supplements is one of the best rated but not the only store that stocks great supplements. Other common retailers include those manufactured by Nootropics Depot or Life Extension. Check our recommendation of the best nootropics vendors.

Verified reviews about Double Wood Supplements
Double Wood Supplements Verified reviews

Our experience with Double Wood nootropic stack

We have tested their popular Beginner’s Nootropic Stack, one of the good starting points to stacking nootropics.

This is a special combo of four supplements working in synergy, and you can customize it to your needs. Dosage and quality are excellent, the price is fair, so it is a great starter to try.

These supplements are multipurpose and come from four classes of nootropic compounds that aid cognitive function. You can expect a mild to stronger mental boost, depending on how you decide to dose it.

'Beginner's Nootropic Stack' review


Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is the most bioavailable form of choline currently available. Choline is a water-soluble nutrient that acts as a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholineAcetylcholine plays an important role in many cognitive processes including memory, intelligence, and mood. Alpha GPC is generally regarded as the most potent form of choline due to its ability to rapidly pass the blood-brain barrier. Double Wood is one of the most trusted brands on the list of Alpha GPC suppliers. 


Uridine Monophosphate is an important building block used to create RNA, and increases synthesis of brain phosphatidylcholine. Studies have shown it may enhance the formation of synaptic connections, increase cholinergic brain function, and upregulate dopamine receptors.

Alpha GPC and Uridine both work to increase levels of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and synergize well to boost memory and overall cognitive function.


Theacrine is about as potent as caffeine, only Theacrine lasts longer and has a slower building tolerance. Properly cycled off, Theacrine can be used almost indefinitely without a high tolerance forming.

While stimulants like Theacrine can cause nervousness or anxiety, taking L-Theanine is effective at mitigating these side effects.


L-Theanine is a mild anti-anxiety and stress-reducing supplement. L-Theanine enhances Theacrine by smoothing out the CNS stimulation and giving you calm, relaxed energy rather than fidgety nervousness.

When combined, L-Theanine and Theacrine provide a mild and boost to energy without any overstimulation.

Theacrine + L-theanine +/- Alpha GPC + Uridine

These ingredients are usually very well tolerated by the body and are not toxic nor have contraindications.

Because of this stack, I feel a little more zoned in and mentally present. I could stay engaged in my work. Acetylcholine is important for learning (participates in long-term potentiation), as well as for sleeping and dreaming. By boosting this neurotransmitter this product definitely helps both.

My choice was to try to use it as the ‘morning stack’ and the ‘night stack’. 

  • ‘The morning stack’ | Theacrine + L-theanine combo +/- Alpha GPC + Uridine

It’s like Caffeine and L-theanine synergy. Only Theacrine has a longer half-life than Caffeine, preventing the mid-day crash that often follows a morning cup of coffee. For the uplift in the working memory add Alpha GPC +/- Uridine.

  • ‘The night stack’ | Uridine + Alpha GPC +/- L-theanine

These two nootropic compounds have a noticeable effect on REM phases of sleep when the memory is consolidating. They are also nootropics associated with lucid dreaming, so I investigated and can tell you that I had more vivid dreams and woke up feeling more rested.

I don’t want to say that this stack is some kind of medicine, but I haven’t found its disadvantage yet.

If it makes you feel tired at night, this is because of the better work your mind did during the day. You need to sleep to let your mind fully process the memories you’ve created. 

Add Double Wood Supplements Phosphatidylserine to this stack and you will have a few long-term benefits. Or, you might want to combine the racetams for stronger mental boost.

The ‘Beginner Nootropic Stack’ is attractive for advanced users as well.

Double Wood on Amazon and Walmart

Actually, the great news is to see that Double Wood Supplements is selling on big platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

For example, Amazon has high criteria and continually checking the companies that are selling on their platform. So, anyone who does scammy business is quickly dismissed from Amazon.

The good thing about their presence on Amazon and Walmart is that all of their customer ratings come from verified purchases.

Where are Double Wood Supplements made?

One subreddit caught our attention.

Are Double Wood Supplements “Made in the USA”?

An interesting question that touches the global economy nowadays.

China has some pretty strict quality laws for supplements sold in China, but those don’t apply to export which is why we seem to see a lot of exports just being products that failed QC to be sold in China.


Every US dietary supplement company procures raw ingredients that are sometimes made abroad. Especially from China. 

The plant sources come from worldwide. But because of how tightly they are integrated, Chinese companies have their supply chains with each other for equipment. It’s almost always both faster and cheaper to process them in China.

We asked one of the founders, Mr. Evan Wood, to clarify things for us.

We source from the USA and Europe whenever possible, but many raws are really only available from China or India and those raws are imported when domestic alternatives are not available. All manufacturing of the final products as well as safety testing are performed in the USA at cGMP certified labs.

Evan Wood, Double Wood Supplements

So the “made in the US” claim is for the dispensing, mixing, encapsulation, and packaging of products.

memory support double wood

double wood supplements coupons

They are also a trusted wholesaler and you will find that many online stores sell products from them, not just Amazon and Walmart.

We recommend buying from Double Wood Supplements official store for the best price, and to find coupon code for several products.

You can also use a subscription for a decent 15% discount for the first purchase.

Right now, you can find 10+ active Woods Supplements codes & deals for Nov. 2021.

They have a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, which is valid for 30 days after the product is delivered. As well as free shipping on all domestic orders.

International custom shipping of Double Wood Supplements products.

Pros and Cons



Quality score:

Value for money
Label transparency
double wood supplements

Double Wood Supplements

Check the natural nootropics and dietary supplements aligned with quality testing

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Overall rating:

Double Wood Supplements conclusion

Is Double Wood Worth It?

This vendor is one of our most trusted recommendations. Our experience with them was great. From the ordering process, delivery, nootropic quality, and overall support we received. But there are always alternatives and you can find them on our list of the best suppliers to buy nootropic supplements.

All in all, despite some minor drawbacks, Double Wood Supplements is a legitimate seller that sells high-quality nootropics and wants to make sure you get exactly what you paid for.

Go for it!

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