STAQ Performer Review | Is It The Right Nootropic For Energy And Focus?

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STAQ Performer
STAQ Performer review

The STAQ Performer review is about an excellent nootropic supplement by the STAQ Performance company. As its name suggests, it’s a performance nootropic stack that brings better focus, more energy, and stronger short-term memory. It supports balanced stress levels and reduces brain fog. Attractive selling points make STAQ Performer a good option to buy in 2022. At Nootropic Blend, we like to test clean products that deliver good quality to help improve our mental performance. This supplement has been accepted as one of our most successful tests. Check all about this brain supplement and whether its slightly higher price is worth its benefits.

Product Brand: STAQ Performance

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STAQ Performer review summary

Health benefits
  • 11 ingredients

  • 90 capsules

  • 3 veggie caps / day

  • 30 servings / 30 day supply

  • $2 / serving

  • Best deals: subscribe & save 20%; perks and exclusive access to new products & services; 6 bottles from 1.33 per serving

Check out if you are ready to take STAQ Performer:

  • Do You Feel Like Learning & Retaining New Skills Is Difficult?
  • Do You Often Lose Track Of Time Only To Not Have Accomplished Anything?
  • Do You Often Feel Stressed & Anxious With The Work You Need To Do?
  • Do You Often Feel Unmotivated To Do The Work You Know You Need To?
  • Do You Have Trouble Focusing & Staying Sharp On A Single Task?

STAQ Performance brain supplement

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Who is the maker?

STAQ Performer is a venture of a team of passionate entrepreneurs and performers with knowledge in biochemistry, nutrition, fitness, and production.

They have come up with a vision to produce natural nootropic supplements but realize that the industry missed an aspect of optimization beyond supplements.

So, they provide free materials, digital books, posts, tips, and online courses that help people accomplish long-lasting success & personal mastery.

Their STAQ formula is for the US market and produced in Ireland according to the high EU standards. 

STAQ Performer Ingredients & dosages

It contains eleven premium nootropic ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Without any fillers. Put in a veggie capsule. It has better ingredients than energy drinks or supplements loaded with just caffeine.

They’ve put in higher doses of Lion’s Mane, Citicoline, L-theanine, Rhodiola, and Bacopa Monnieri than most of its competitors.

The only change in the new formulation is that the lemon balm extract is missing. This supplement is rare in nootropic formulas. It contributes to relaxation and induces sleep. This way, the price per serving is lower, and the quality does not change much.

STAQ Performer label of ingredients
STAQ Performer label of ingredients

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

720 mg – Strong dose

Lion’s Mane (Yamabushitake) is a dietary mushroom that is one of the unique nootropics in nature. It has gained popularity for supporting cognitive and gut function (natural prebiotic), reducing anxiety, and regrowing nerve cells. The anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and immunostimulating properties are responsible for the one-of-a-kind health-promoting benefits. STAQ uses certified organic Lion’s Mane consisting of the full-fruiting body extract powder. A dose is higher than competitors.

Bacopa Monnieri

300 mg – Great dosage

Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) is an adaptogenic herb traditionally used in Ayurveda medicine. Supplementing with Bacopa Monnieri has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve cognition. There is strong supporting evidence that Bacopa improves memory formation. The effective dosage for Bacopa has been established to be at least (but typically) 300 mg when using a 55% bacosides extract. STAQ uses 20% bacosides which isn’t bad at all. Remember that this is a synergistic blend.

Rhodiola Rosea

120 mg – Of the dual effects of Rhodiola, over 100 mg is for energy

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen herb that decreases stress and fatigue, improves mental performance, and makes us feel more relaxed. Rhodiola Rosea nootropic supports long-term potentiation in the hippocampus, related to improvement in spatial and temporal memory. In Performer, Rhodiola is standardized to only a salidroside content that is uplifting and energy-promoting active. It is also neuroprotective, improving long-term brain health.


270 mg – Strong dosage

Citicoline is a nootropic element and a choline compound available on the market in its standardized form known as Cognizin. Many popular nootropic stacks use it because of its multi-benefits. Cognizin is a potent brain-health nutrient clinically tested to support attention and recall. Regardless of age, it provides the nutrients needed to support cognition, attention span, and focus. Citicoline doses in STAQ Performer help to raise the level of acetylcholine in the brain. That boosts our memory and learning.


100 mg – Optimal dose equal to one cup of coffee

This psychoactive compound works to help to boost your energy levels. Because of it, you will feel an enhanced focus at work. Caffeine improves physical performance and subjective well-being. As a stimulant, it also has notable side effects. These may include stomach irritation, gas, difficulty sleeping, headache, dizziness, tiredness, nervousness, restlessness, and increased heart rate and respiration. But, don’t worry, another ingredient in this synergistic blend like L-theanine will effectively neutralize it. 


200 mg – The optimal dosage of 2:1 with caffeine

L-Theanine is one of the most popular nootropics on the market. It stabilizes mood, reduces physical and mental stress, and improves cognition. It reportedly does so without reducing alertness or promoting drowsiness. Furthermore, it has relaxing effects that increase alpha wave function, decrease reaction times, and improve performance. L-theanine duty in this supplement is to calm you down and balances other stimulating ingredients. It performs synergistically with caffeine.

B6, B9, B12, Zinc, Cooper

Added for optimal brain function and immune system

Supplementation of B6 + B9 + B12 helps balance homocysteine levels and promotes mood, mental energy, information storage, and long-term brain health. Copper is needed to produce hemoglobin and red blood cells. And for the proper utilization of iron and oxygen within your blood. Zinc is an essential trace mineral required for optimal brain health and cognition. These are all cofactors to many enzymatic processes in the body. Thus are welcomed addition to a complex stack like STAQ.

STAQ Performer - Unblock your brain

My experience with STAQ

Bottle of STAQ Performer with capsules on the table

I got a nice black bottle of STAQ Performer after a few reviews of the non-caffeine products. I knew I would find more short-term gains this time.

Caffeine gives more immediate results. I also liked the selection of other nootropics and their dosages.

I gave STAQ to my friends that used it for gaming, work and fitness, and dating. Like them, I could advise you to start with two capsules for a few days and see how it works.

The formulation is pretty strong, so if you are a newbie to the nootropics, take it slowly.

Week 1:

The effects were immediate from day one. I took the three capsules as recommended daily serving size. 

I had four to six hours of increased energy, about twice as much as I would get with a strong cup of coffee.

STAQ increased my performance and provided better mental clarity to my work. I noticed a better mood with sharper focus and a relaxed feeling of being in a flow state.

When the effects wore off, I didn’t notice a sudden drop in energy. I had no side effects like after the cheaper energy drinks or supplements.

The gains were consistent the following days.

Week 2:

In week two, I intentionally stopped taking it for a few days to see if mental clarity would stay. 

The effects of good nootropics are cumulative. They move your baseline and balance the crucial neurotransmitters – acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. 

What is nice about this supplement is that mental clarity will stay for some time even if you stop taking it. Then you will go back to your regular.

Week 3:

I wasn’t taking the capsules constantly. Like with all nootropics, I don’t take it the whole week or more.

STAQ Performer will work whenever you need to be in a flow state. I think this was the smoothest test I’ve ever had with a nootropic stack.

STAQ Performer - Stay focused all day

Performer side effects

Since the STAQ Performer is strong, the side effects are possible for some people. But quality company research and your listening to instructions will keep them to a minimum.

I didn’t notice any discomfort with taking STAQ capsules or find any negative customer reviews. That convinced me of the quality of the capsules.

I also gave capsules to several people, introducing them to the taking protocol and the background of these natural nootropic ingredients.

No one had any side effects.

For who isn’t STAQ Performer?

  • pregnant and nursing women
  • people with serious medical conditions or a history of heart conditions 
  • people on neurological and psychiatric drugs
  • people on SSRIs or MAO inhibitors
  • individuals on immune suppressive therapy
  • teens
  • individuals sensitive to caffeine

To avoid any contraindications talk to your doctor before taking STAQ Performer.

STAQ Performer testimonials

STAQ Performer testimonials - a few STAQ capsules in the hand
''I felt a mental-cognitive refreshment that affected my entire metabolism.''

A few people I know who are interested in trying nootropics have tried STAQ as a test for this STAQ Performer review. I gave it to the complete novices that said to me tension is their main problem at work.

The internal poll showed me that my friends, no matter what levels they are in taking supplements, voiced positive claims:

”Oh, these are all well known and quality ingredients! I like to see Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola especially… Though I don’t feel like a superman, it’s cool how It gives me a good vibe and a sharper focus immediately.”


”What a nice package it is? Is that one of those superhuman supplements of yours? I don’t need to take it, although maybe I could give it a try. It looks better than the others I’ve seen before… Wow, good stuff, now I can go to a dance floor.”


Goran should probably try something like this. Although he is taking vitamins and minerals, he has also begun to feel middle-aged limitations in cognition due to his work demand. He is two meters tall and walks at 220 pounds, and he always sensed that he could perform better if he improved his energy and blood flow.

Here are the quotes and suggestions for all creative performers like him.

”By consuming these supplements daily for seven days, I felt a mental-cognitive refreshment that affected my entire metabolism. I performed my daily work activities faster, more concentrated, and focused, used my potentials more efficiently, and felt better physically. Although creativity by its nature raises the mental-cognitive state of mind, if the work is exaggerated, from my experience, a state of exhaustion can occur. Due to the necessary continuity of work, it is good to be able to use substances such as STAQ in order to better maintain mental and creative condition in these times of crisis, and thus realize their own film-directing ideas better. I remember you’re saying that some ingredients work on immunity. But they also affect libido, write it in the review (laugh). Today I intentionally took the capsules when I went out on a date. I want to say, they’re good, I feel good. “

– Goran, filmmaker

Is STAQ worth it?

STAQ Performer has one of the lowest prices per serving. You will be hard-pressed to find ingredients like in this formulation at a price that will beat this.

Of course, if you take your time, you will find more powerful extracts of each ingredient. But you will pay at least twice the price for that.

We have tried to find single-quality ingredients by combining Amazon and Nootropics Depot prices.

  • Bacognize, Bacopa Monnieri Extract 300 mg – 120 servings  $20.99
  • Citicoline (Cognizin®) 250 mg – 60 servings, $21.99
  • Lion’s Mane Extract (Whole Fruiting Body) 500 mg – 60 servings $19.99
  • Rhodiola rosea (3% salidrosides) 500 mg – 60 servings $13.99
  • L-Theanine Powder 200 mg – 1250 Servings $16.99
  • Caffeine 100 mg – 250 capsules $9.99
  • Vitamin B6 (P-5-P) 25 mg – 100 capsules $17.95
  • Vitamin B9 (folate) 400 mcg – 90 capsules $7.21
  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) 1 mg – 60 capsules $18.95
  • Zinc with Copper – $12.95

When you individually buy all of these nootropics of the same or better quality, the price is approximately $160.

You can get almost three bottles of STAQ Performer for that price.

Even better are their bundle deals. The best serving price calculation was on the 6-bottle package option from $1.33/dosage.

Where to buy STAQ Performer?

You may safely buy STAQ at the official website for the lowest possible price.

For now, you will not be going to find it anywhere else. By subscribing to the newsletter, you’ll become a part of the community for many potential rewards. The company also runs a “STAQ Cash Perks Reward Program”. A friendly way to save on this supplement.

STAQ Performer vs. Alternatives

A full serving size for STAQ Performer is three capsules. With $60 for 90 caps a bottle, you’ll spend $2 per day.

If we compare it to the competitors with whom it shares a comparable quality:

Alpha Brain costs about $1.78 per day with $80 for 90 capsules.

Mind Lab Pro costs about €1.96 per day with €59,00 for one month of supply.

Although the STAQ Performer contains caffeine, while Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain don’t, its doses of other single ingredients are even higher than competitors. All these stacks are generally effective because of their well-studied Bacopa Monnieri content, and STAQ Performer contains a higher dose of this noble plant.

If you need something stronger and of equal or better quality than those mentioned, get your STAQ.



Overall rating:
STAQ Performer review - bottle of supplement

STAQ Performance brain supplement

Achieve all-day focus and productivity without the crash and jitters; Use our bonus coupon 'NOOTROPICBLEND5' 

Visit STAQ Performer


STAQ Performer is perhaps the smoothest productivity supplement I tried. While taking 2–3 capsules daily, the user experience has been incredible. It enhances my mental and physical energy while keeping me relaxed and focused. It is comparable to all the best nootropic stacks that provide short-term and long-term benefits.

While it delivers a fast-acting formula for instant results, it protects and repairs brain cells and improves immune system health.

You won’t find any fillers or dubious synthetic compounds in it. And that little detail alone means this company is here to stay.

We are optimistic about an improved version of the STAQ formula as it gains more popularity. And we’ll be waiting for more unique supplements from STAQ Performance.

How has this list changed? Read back through our update history:

8/4/22: We have updated the review by testing the new STAQ Performer formula, which has removed the Lemon Balm extract in 2022. The price per serving has changed too. The label image has changed, and we’ve added new images from our second STAQ testing in 2022.

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