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By Nootropic Blend staff

I’m about to tell you my 90 days on NooCube dietary supplement which has actually been my first contact with nootropics.

The excitement to try cognitive supporting supplements has started after years of shift-work and night projects that produced serious sleep deprivation, as well as the loss of motivation.

I had my rescue plan in finding a good alternative health solution.

In seeking answers beyond Big Pharma, I was more and more into innovative health and wellness products like NooCube dietary supplements. 

I found that herbal nootropics are a good solution for reducing stress and improving mood, as well as mental health. 

Unlike pharmaceuticals, which work bidirectionally, many nootropics are living and adaptive.

They offer your body simply what it needs to stay stimulated in a healthy natural way.

Researching the best natural ingredients that aid memory, anxiety, mood, and body performance, I found that the NooCube dietary supplement has them all in. The absence of caffeine is also something I added as a plus.

In order to benefit from NooCube, I started to make some changes in my daily routine. Just as the manufacturer recommends. I began swimming a few days a week, tried to care more about what am I eating, especially in the morning, and was getting myself busy with learning new materials. I also enjoyed playing chess and app brain games.

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Week one: Really, this how fast NooCube works!

So I spent 12 weeks testing the NooCube and cycling it for a week after each bottle. Since I shift-work, the situations in the workplace and changing it to private lifestyle were excellent to check NooCube from every possible angle. Below are my notes and also experiences, whatever you would like to know regarding using the NooCube dietary supplement.

I usually took a daily serving of two capsules after a light choline breakfast, usually eggs and toast, or some porridge, and was surprised I did not feel any effects at first. You will not notice any Eggs in basket for cholinechanges unless you look back and think about the mental state before taking Noocube. As it contains no stimulants, the effect will be subtle at first, but you will recognize that it would gradually rise. Within an hour, when I was swimming in the pool, I noticed better mood, concentration, and motivation.

I extended the routine to the full hour, with some vigorous shifts. That was a surprise because I had trained much harder before this NooCube experiment, but I didn’t have this kind of ease. Better focus and surge of mental energy usually culminated a few hours later at work.

In the first days of taking NooCube, my mental capacity for working was much better. I doubled my productivity as the mind works so much quicker. Noocube also has a social element and communication is more fluid. For me, the ingredients in Noocube worked impressively from the start. 

Week two: NooCube has relaxing effect

Since in doing my job I need both speed and creativity, mental fatigue and stress often create problems in performing tasks. Classic nootropics such as caffeine and nicotine are the standard aids in my industry.

They give short-term cognitive energy, but nobody likes jittery feelings or insomnia after too many chills. One day I woke up at 5 AM and went to work. After a few hours, I took the standard serving size of Noocube with a light breakfast. Just like from day one, I didn’t notice anything special at first.

However, good movement control and mental attention followed me to the end of my working hours. But then it turned into tiredness. At 3 PM I got home and fell asleep immediately. I woke up 5 hours later.

I assume that long and refreshing sleep was associated with adapting to Nootropics as well as the adaptogenic quality of the supplement. It’s not too calming nor too stimulating, it actually does a little of both, depending on what you need. NooCube will have a soothing effect and will not force your body at all costs. So you will have both, motivation for work and good sleep after.


Week three: productivity at my work

side view close up typing on a laptopWith the standard dose in the morning, I realized NooCube is a serious help in difficult and long-lasting tasks which require attention to detail. I did 7 hours of video editing in one piece. I can say that I did not feel mental or physical tiredness.

The working memory was great, with a calm focus on many creative and technical details that emerged. After working for hours, I was in a state of good mood and with motivation to work on the additional project. I didn’t stop until late at night and fell asleep without any problems or worries.

Week four: Empathy and ability to socializing

I noticed I sometimes slept less, butclose up drawing on the wall, heart shape with man clinging on it sleep quality was definitely better, and I woke up refreshed the next day. Some vivid dreams happened after a long time, which is proof that the supplement has an effect on sleeping patterns. Once again, I did hours of video editing without problems, but one day during the week I got tired and there was no indication that the fatigue would go away.

Privately, NooCube gives me much better communication in relationships as I improved my awareness. Socializing gives me no stress, as the NooCube supplement is much about the ‘relax’ effect. Empathy was especially toned and the ability to listen to what the other side is communicating and feeling. The libido is also enhanced on NooCube. 

Week five: Mental energy and physical endurance

man swimming in the pool - front view close-up

After the first four weeks, the body adapts well to the use of natural nootropic ingredients. I was less tired throughout the day, which I’m pretty sure was from the adaptation to Bacopa, an adaptogen herb associated with a slight sedative effect. Once again, I felt comfortable finishing exercises in time.

My breathing was better, and it seems I could swim whenever I want. I guess my focus is better all day. My tone of voice is louder and more confident than before. I didn’t have a lot of planned work, so I chat with my colleagues and felt very comfortable. On the other hand, I’m tired from the first day of my training.

NooCube gives me no extra physical energy, but rather mental endurance to think clearly and make clear decisions. I have noticed though, that the same mild inflammatory reaction on the skin is disappearing faster.

Week six: No brain fog

I felt comfortable all day and the motivation for talking and laughing was greater than usual. It was fun and relaxing at a family gathering. My girlfriend and parents said that my mood is much better lately. I think NooCube was already working well in stopping mental fatigue, as I forgot what profound and sustained brain fog is.

The stress has completely gone in comparison to the first days of taking the capsules. I saw improvement in my working memory and recall, more creativity and focus, and concentration on what needs to be done.

Week seven: feel relieved, rested and relaxed

man sleeping and resting in the sofa

One funny episode how the NooCube helps my sister with planning a trip. She had a long and stressful preparing to move abroad for the work accepted. In the middle of the turmoil, I offered her to take NooCube just to reduce the annoyance. Keep in mind that she does not want to take any supplements and her taking NooCube was an exception. In 30 minutes, she says, “I feel relieved, rested and relaxed as if I threw the burden of my arms and body. My attention when carrying out tasks has become better. I just think of one thing I need to do.”

Week eight: all-day calm energy and productivity

I have worked for hours on two tasks simultaneously with ease. How can it be that easy?! I noticed the hand-eye coordination is definitely improved with NooCube. Anxiety during extensive work disappeared by the end of the day. And this calm energy stays.

The focus remained as good as during the day. In the first seven weeks, NooCube has attracted my attention to what I forgot. A good sleeping habit. I have a greater inclination to sleep when I am exhausted and sleep better than in the past. I can also see myself from a new perspective.

Week nine: NooCube for creativity and learning musical instrument

close up of hands playing guitarAfter nine weeks, I took two to four capsules after breakfast and felt the effect throughout the day. I enjoyed the company of my friend’s musicians as NooCube boosted my creativity and sociability. Since I always find time for music with my band, I noticed that my musical performance is much more accurate, especially the rhythmic and technical part of guitar playing.

NooCube might help when you are learning to play a musical instrument or learning a foreign language. For clean musicians or entertainers, it would be a great hack to increase creativity and improves performance. I wrote a song that night as a result of calm focus and mood improvement, led by some clear thoughts. So, one more proof in the realization that mood and productivity come in pair. I was a little surprised it evokes that moment on NooCube. 

Week ten: focus for hours and memory improvement

Less work had to be done during the weekend, so I spent time reading for hours. I love NooCube’s ability to create calming focus so that I can read for prolonged periods of time. Also, retaining the raid content is pretty fantastic. This is why I think students will love NooCube.

Time seemed to slow down after taking four capsules. I suppose these effects are the result of my mind and body becoming more effective and less congested by distraction and tiredness. It seemed to me that I would do more in less time and my reaction time was faster.

One serving size is like coffee, especially for people like me who want to reduce caffeine. On the contrary, if you like coffee very much, you can enjoy both at the same time. NooCube might reduce the cigarette smoking and coffee habit to the point where you don’t need any other stimulant for your dopamine levels. I speak from personal experience.

Three months: focus for hours and memory improvement

The following weeks were consistently productive. I took NooCube preferably in the morning after breakfast or with the smoothie, and only a few times after six o’clock in the evening. In order to prevent ingestive problems, you can take the capsules ten minutes after you eat something healthy in the morning.

I like to add coconut oil because some ingredients in NooCube absorb better that way. For the best overall absorption of ingredients and to avoid the risk of depletion of some vitamins, I recommend you to take it with quality A-Z vitamins, or a multivitamin source.

I had no problem discontinuing after three months of using NooCube. I develop a healthy exercise habit that will remain in my schedule. Furthermore, I eat better and try to sleep as well as possible because of my shifts-work.

NooCube benefits

Although I didn’t have noticeable memory issues, now I recall words faster, names, and organizational stuff too. I also noticed an improvement in my chess game, as I am more focused than before. 

Like with all nootropic supplements, the benefits from NooCube will be present as long as you take it. There are virtually no scientific peppers of using nootropics continually over more than two years, so we don’t know the long-term effects.

Once you stop using the supplement, the effects will last for a while, and you’ll gradually get back to your more natural and slower function. But with some long-term benefits which these ingredients promise.

I continued to take some ingredients as a single supplement, like L-tyrosine for work and in fitness, or L-theanine for relaxing time. AC-11 is also a phenomenal immunity product by itself. 

The experience with NooCube led me to discover other individual nootropics and ready-made nootropic stacks.


I found NooCube is safe and non-addictive, one of the better non-caffeinated ready-made nootropic stacks that are not overly expensive. 

Especially when you use a discount for bulk deals.

Individuals that want to have a solid foundation and gentle boost for their brain health should consider NooCube as a starting point in further explorations of nootropics.

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