• Promoting relaxation
  • Enhance alertness
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Neuroprotection
  • Enhance sleep quality

L-theanine is one of those adaptable and many-sided supplements that promote relaxation without causing dullness or diminution of alertness. It is the biologically active constituent of green tea, which has been studied for its great ability to produce a calming effect and prevent over-stimulation.

By upregulating the levels of inhibitory and modulatory neurotransmitters, L-theanine provides general support in the most areas of neurotransmitter imbalance and for any number of neurochemical imbalances. This unique amino acid fits in perfectly with other medicinal herbal preparations as it has a calming yet non-sedative effect.

To reduce feelings of anxiety, L-theanine affects alpha brain waves that stimulate the state of awareness, then balances the optimal levels of dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. Impressively, its mimic of GABA calming effect has proven to reduce restlessness and insomnia. L-theanine can also have a positive effect on blood pressure and heart health.

By nourishing brain chemistry in that way L-theanine improves cognitive health and general well-being. The studies did not report side effects, even at higher concentrations and longer take-ups. L-theanine is often recommended as a relaxation tool that promote better mental focus. 

At higher doses of 450-900 mg, one 2018 study suggests it helps people to relax before bedtime and promote restful sleep.

Recomended dosage
  • Min - 100 mg
  • Med - None mg
  • Max - 400 mg
  • Half life - 1 hour
  • Tolerance - None
  • Supplements source - None
Side effects
  • It can give you a headache.
  • If you have kidney issues try to avoid it.