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Best cognitive enhancement in the world

Interview with Nootripure Laboratories
interview with James St. James from Nootripure Laboratories

James St. James is a leading man at the Nootripure Foundation, a nonprofit research center founded to help mental health and inform about it. Their goal is to discover brand-new approaches in neuroscience and bring you advanced dietary supplements and programs. In the world of the cognitive enhancement market there are couple of such enthusiastic endeavors that can be said to be so cool. After successful fundraising campaign, Nootripure has introduced a line of premium nootropic supplements and education programs that we wished to talk about. The items have been evaluated and improved over the last few years.

James is a fascinating interlocutor with an interdisciplinary knowledge of cognitive health topic and a holistic approach to the nootropics and medicines. This in depth interview discusses, to name a few things, what drove him into neuroscience, how to safely bio-hack, what is the objective and program of the Nootripure Foundation and where he sees room for improvement in the industry. Or, perhaps, outside of it?

The interview opened a wide range of subjects that will educate, fascinate, and bring you closer to the concept of the best cognitive enhancement on the planet.

Best cognitive enhancement in the world

We are a non-profit organization for mental health. Our goal is not to make money, but to make an impact in the lives of those who need to improve their mental health. So we had to make our products as effective and affordable as possible. 

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Introduce yourself, please?

James St. James: Hello my name is James St. James. I am a neuroscientist and the president of Nootripure Laboratories. Real quick before we get into the company, I would like to share a bit about myself.

8 years ago i was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease. Although doctors weren’t 100% sure as to what was causing it. So I was diagnosed and prescribed medications numerous times by numerous doctors. Over the years I continued to get worse (as anyone with their brain deteriorating should). It eventually got to the point where almost all my hair was gone, I couldn’t eat, I would go for many days without sleeping, I could barely hold a conversation, and it didn’t seem like I was going to last much longer. I then decided to start contacting neuroscientists and eastern medicine doctors. 

I sent hundreds of emails asking for advice in my situation. About 20 responded with some things to try. I then tried all their recommendations one by one to see if any worked. And some did, so i kept doing it until I got better. It took about a year of intense therapy, but I was able to regain my health. I was able to eat and sleep. I even got all my hair back!

I had spent tens of thousands on prescriptions and supplements throughout the years, and then I spent tens of thousands on help from neuroscientists. I learned what was effective and what wasn’t. Because of all the seizures, for some reason I can feel electricity running throughout my body. Every time I eat an apple, every time I do a yoga pose, every time I drink a sip of coffee, different electrical patterns are created. 

I later found out that they followed what they call acupressure points in Chinese medicine. I have gained awareness of what movement patterns build or destroy energy. I have gained awareness as to what patterns each food or supplement creates. I used to think it was just my body being weird, but I later found out that these patterns according to traditional chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine (Zhang Fu Theory) that everyone has the exact same patterns in their body. My neurology was just screwed up enough to the point where I could feel it.

This leads me to where we are today. I have been given a second chance at life. Not many people have been terminally ill with a seemingly irreversible disease, and made a full recovery, and fast. So I decided to take the work that I did with the neuroscientists and use it to help others either get out of the situation I was in, or keep them from getting in that position to begin with.

What is premise behind Nootripure?

The main issue I have seen is that most people actually do more actions to destroy their mental health than to protect it. From what I have observed about human nature, it seems as though we all want to do our best. In our relationships, our career, or hobbies, our health. But ever so often we try to take shortcuts that improve performance in the short term but not the long term. So after many years we start to fall apart. 

Things like alcohol, cigarettes, energy drinks, sodas, adderall, anti-depressants and on the more intense side: cocaine, heroine, methamphetamine, etc. People take these substances because they want to feel and act their best. People use these substances because, in fact, they do work. 

However, the drawback is that they destroy one’s health and every time one uses any of these substances, they are making a deal with the devil. Yes, the devil will grant you the ability to get over your social anxiety, but the alcohol will also destroy your liver, your primary source of life vitality and the main defense against all illnesses. 

So my question to any reader would be, what if you could have all the benefits of any of the aforementioned substances without any of the side effects? What if you could drop your social anxiety, you could be confident, energetic, optimistic, caring, focused, fun, witty, charismatic, and feel really good while making your body and your mind healthier? This is the premise behind Nootripure.

And for those who have lost their mental health, it is often that we get patients that have been on psych meds for many years try our products and within a few months give up all the rest of their medications. 

Why? Because we create products that are meant to create permanent healing. Ideally if one were to take them enough, they won’t need them anymore. Or anything for that fact. We focus on creating lasting mental health. If you understand mental health, then you understand Nootripure.

What inspired the achievement of major accomplishments such as Nootripure University and the Research Center? The whole range of products looks really impressive so what mission do you have on mind of Nootripure?

James St. James: To heal the world of mental illness. Almost a billion people have been diagnosed with a chronic mental illness. It is estimated that another 3 billion or so are undiagnosed, which is more than half of the world’s population. Trillions of dollars are spent into mental health programs every year, but the issue seems to be getting worse. We are going to solve this problem.

The main challenge is that once someone has realized that they are no longer mentally well, it is almost too late. Our society will spend 100x on treating dementia than it actually would cost to just do small things to keep dementia from happening in the first place. 

So if we are proactive with our approach and can reach people before they get to that point, with 1/100 of the money, we can create a bigger impact. By leveraging the healthy and cognitively enhancing properties of nootropics along with other herbal medicines, we are on the preventative line of mental health.

What are your ongoing projects?

James St. James: As for our projects, our first project was to create a line of one month programs designed to drastically improve one’s life in just 30 days. Each product is a 60 page or so ebook that gives an easy to follow program based on the latest research in the areas of psychology, biopsychology, yoga, qi gong, neuroassociative conditioning and neurolinguistic programming. It sounds intense, but we really just used what was most effective from each field and simplified it for the user. 

Because if it is not simple, people won’t follow it, then they don’t get results, and it’s not effective. We can’t afford this, as we guarantee all our products to be the most effective in the world. Meaning if there is some other product that can be argued is just 1% more effective than any of our products we will give out full refunds to every person that purchased. When people buy Nootripure, we want them to buy results, not just a 30 day program.

By leveraging the healthy and cognitively enhancing properties of nootropics along with other herbal medicines, we are on the preventative line of mental health.

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What is Nootripure supplements program and what brings?

What makes the program utmost effective is that the program comes with a supplement. The supplement is designed to create a very specific mental state in the user. We use cannabinoids, nootropics, Chinese medicine herbs, adaptogenic herbs from ayurveda, and medicinal mushrooms to create that effect. In contract to other supplements, one should feel different in a couple hours rather than years. Yes, it is classified as a supplement because of it’s health properties and the fact that it complies to all GMP, NSF, and FDA guidelines, and is fully certified. But we have little to do with the supplement industry.

Our next project is currently undergoing research. We are seeking to move more into the pharmaceutical space. So we are developing patents for the upcoming pharmaceutical line. The pharmaceutical products that we anticipate producing will be the first preventative medicinal drugs available over the counter (depending on where you live). The goal is to offer people a medicine that can prevent mental illness. Not only that, but for about 8 hours, all trauma, pain, anxieties, lack of confidence, worries, confusion, etc will disappear for about 8 hours as one experiences what it is like to live totally present, aware, and blissful.

The critics might say, this sounds like some illegal drug. But I assure you it is not. We are just leveraging our understanding of neuroscience to carefully articulate your neurochemical balances to their optimal state using the most healthy and natural ingredients. Another difference is that the more one takes, the healthier they will become. There is no crash, very minimal side effects, and can be taken long term to become healthier. We are expecting to release this product in 2022. In the meantime there is a lot of research and legal work to do.

Tell us more about the accent on CBD content (Nootriplex) in all of your products? 

James St. James: Nootriplex was developed in 2017 as one of our first projects. It is included in all of the Nootripure products. Cannabinoids are of the most potent healing substances on Earth, however, their legality is the issue. But cannabinoids are not illegal, but the cannabis plant is in most if not all countries. 

So what we did, is we found cannabinoids that are from other plants than cannabis. Cannabis is only one plant that contains cannabinoids. There are many other plants that do too. This way our products can deliver the mentally healing effects of cannabinoids while being able to reach people around the world.

Best cognitive enhancement in the world

The critics might say, this sounds like some illegal drug. But I assure you it is not. We are just leveraging our understanding of neuroscience to carefully articulate your neurochemical balances to their optimal state using the most healthy and natural ingredients.

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What are you think of the art of dosing nootropics? What is the proper dosage for the nootropic drug?

James St. James: I get this a lot. My answer is it is up to you. I tell everyone when trying anything new it is best to start with 1/10 dose and work your way up until you found a zone where you feel comfortable. Also, for those that like to experiment with high doses, it is best not to go above the recommended dosage outlined by the manufacturing company.

What most people don’t realize is that less can be more. So many times we hear about people going to the hospital from taking things like phenibut in high dosages. If the person knew what they were doing, they could get the same experience by taking 1/10 dose. But not many people know how to synergize their nootropics. 

This is why I recommend people who don’t have 10 years experience as a psychonaught to just stick with the pre-made nootropic stacks. Nootropic stacks are there for a reason. Its because anyone who has been taking nootropics for a long time knows not to take nootropics by themselves, at least if you want to get the most out of them you won’t.

Do all nootropics have the same result?

James St. James: Definitely not. We can look at just the racetam class of nootropics. I believe there are about 15 of them. Each one of them is just a few atoms different than the others, yet, if you look at the case reports, people will say that the experiences vary a lot. With that being said, there are various classes of nootropics. Some for mood such as dihexa, others for cognitive abilities such as piracetam, some for motivation like adrafinil. So one can articulate their “stack” based on the desired effect they want to create.

Each nootropic alters a different physiological process in the body. Sometimes this change in balance will have a cascading effect that can produce side effects. In fact, all synthetically produced compounds will have side effects. So it is important to know the mechanism of action, and the byproducts of the action in order to create a safe experience for one’s self.

What are you favorite nootropics?

James St. James: My favorites of the nootropic class are phenylpiracetam and fluorobut. All of the Nootripure products have at least one of these two. They are considered to be of the more potent nootropics. Fluorobut helps with relaxation, and phenylpiracetam is known as “the king of racetams” and is known for being the best racetam for improving cognition and mental clarity. Plus, unlike most racetams, phenylpiracetam starts to work within minutes after consuming. Not days. So people can experience the effect they are looking for, at the time they need it most.

For how long should people take nootropics? How much is important to cycle off the nootropics supplements?

James St. James: At most is 5 times a week. The art of cycling is very important for anyone who is looking to use nootropics of any kind. This includes anything that is mentally stimulating, including caffeine, tobacco, etc. At least 2 days a week must be without the use of any nootropics or stimulants of any kind. To go over this can lead to disasterous consequences. 

This is why people who drink coffee every day, soon need two cups of coffee to feel well, then three, then four. Then they wake up one morning and realize that it is almost impossible to function without 4 cups of coffee. This is classical drug abuse. The neuroreceptors are downregulated, and no longer will the coffee be able to heal the mind and body.

Will the usage of nootropics supplements affect brain development?

James St. James: Yes. Everything affects brain development. How we sleep, our worries, our dreams, everything we do changes the way we think and the way we develop our brain. 

A doctor was looking at brain scans on his computer, and another neurologist walks by and says “Hey what happened to that guys left foot? Did it get injured?” The doctor stood in amazement and said “Why yes, how he actually had his left leg amputated. How did you know?” 

The brain literally shapes itself differently based on how we move our body, what we think about, and everything else we do. The real question is, ‘is it developing the way we want it to?’

Can the constant action or use of the nootropics drugs (natural or synthetic ones) cause a toll on my brain? 

James St. James: Yes.

Every year people abuse nootropics and end up in the hospital. Sometimes, it’s not even abuse, it’s just that they make a small mistake trying to play neuroscientist. Then nootropics get in the news in a bad way, and many people become turned off.

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Can people become addicted to nootropics?

James St. James: People can become addicted to what ever they want to be addicted to, including video games, sex, gambling, food, attention, etc. However, from a physiological point of view, the definition of a nootropic states that it must have non-addictive properties. So the substances themselves are not addictive.

However, the people who are looking for nootropics are often the same people looking to improve control over their thinking because of things like addiction. So nootropics can actually be a really good way to break an addiction if anything.

One example is that a number of our customers have been using adderall (amphetamines) regularly. Amphetamines are of the most addictive, and physiologically damaging drugs known. They switched to our product THRIIV, which uses nootropics combined with adaptogens, and herbs from Chinese and ayurvedic medicine to get the person to feel mentally well without the adderall. If someone stops adderall quickly, it can lead to anxiety attacks, seizures, brain fog, or depression. This is why it is important to replace it with something healthy.

THRIIV is exactly that. Plus, cognitively it offers many more benefits than adderall. Adderall is known for making people zone out, they lost their creative thinking, responsiveness, and become aggressive, among a huge list of side-effects. Whereas THRIIV helps people become more creative, aware, responsive, and peaceful.

Ultimately people just want to feel in control of their thoughts and want to feel well. And we don’t need to destroy our minds to do so. At least not anymore.

Are there any real side effects that I should know about when using pre-made nootropic stacks?

James St. James: Ideally no. But most nootropic stacks are not formulated well, so then yes. Look for nootropic stacks that are mostly plant based. The plants help the body regulate the synthetics.

An example is caffeine. Do you notice a difference between drinking an energy drink and a cup of coffee? The energy drink makes you amped and jittery while the coffee makes you soothed and relaxed. The amount of caffeine is the same. One is synthetic caffeine, the other is plant based.

The body has evolved for millions of years along with the coffee plant, the synthetics are new, and the body doesn’t understand how to handle them quite yet. So that is why it is important to balance with strong medicinal herbs. The adaptogen class of plants is best.

What are the safest ways to take nootropic drugs?

James St. James: : Incrementally, and in a balanced way. Start with small doses, and include many adaptogens and plant based medicines that balance the effects when taking.

The future of nootropics supplements? What do you think is the destiny of the mental wellness supplements?

James St. James: Nootropics offer a lot of benefits when used correctly. They are readily available to the public and people can use them to self medicate, which is great. However, I read through the Facebook nootropics groups, looking at the shared advice among users from time to time. I think any neuroscientist will be very frustrated there, because it doesn’t take long to notice that almost no one has a clue about the advice they are giving, and the consequences of their recommendations.

In desperation for good mental health, people dive into trying to play “personal neuroscientist”, but it often doesn’t go well. For this reason, I think it is a good thing that the FDA regulates the use of various nootropics. Every year people abuse nootropics and end up in the hospital. Sometimes, it’s not even abuse, it’s just that they make a small mistake trying to play neuroscientist. Then nootropics get in the news in a bad way, and many people become turned off.

So I think that they slowly will get banned one by one for this reason. Usually all the most useful and medically viable nootropics are the ones people abuse the most and the ones that get banned first. So we can only hope that people become more educated about what they are doing.

For this reason, we created the Nootripure University. It is free for all our members, and educates people how to safely make nootropic stacks, what to do when they feel unwanted effects, and how to develop practices for lasting mental health.

Best cognitive enhancement in the world

We wanted to create something where the person could notice a significant difference in one day. Current medical science allows us to do this.

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Nootripure products compared to the competition? Is it really the next level of nootropics supplements?

James St. James: We are a non-profit organization for mental health. Our goal is not to make money, but to make an impact in the lives of those who need to improve their mental health. So we had to make our products as effective and affordable as possible. 

Each of our products is not just a supplement. They are one-month programs based on 5 areas of psychology, and 5 areas of medicine. Consider the program like a diet plan such as Jenny Craig. There is the guide that tells you how to create a cohesive lifestyle to your goal, and there are supplemental consumables that one can take as instructed by the program. 

The programs are designed to help each person understand why they are taking the Nootripure product, and how to leverage it to get the most benefit in life. Just handing someone an apple doesn’t make them lose weight, but as part of a weight loss program, it can create dramatic results. Nootripure follows the same philosophy as the weight-loss programs in this regard, except instead of trying to lose weight, they are for people trying to lose mental health issues.

Currently, the only thing similar is the combination therapies performed by Chinese medicine practitioners where they will give someone healthy habits to do such as Qi gong, or tai chi, or stretching, then give them an herbal tonic tailored to their condition. However, the effects are often not felt for months or even years. We wanted to create something where the person could notice a significant difference in one day. Current medical science allows us to do this.

Not only that, but our products are about ⅓ the cost of any of our competitors. Each product is around $100 but includes 10 times the active ingredients as say a $29 product. So if you do the math, you are getting about 3 times as much for every dollar. We have indexed well over 1000 nootropic products on the market, and are absolutely sure that we are indeed the most cost effective. If a for profit company tried to do this, they would go out of business. 

Our cost to manufacture our product is higher than the retail cost of most of our competitors. Any smart business man would know this is a losing deal. But we don’t need to make money from the products. We really just need to heal people and conduct our research. The products are really just a means to share our mission, and fundraise for our research efforts. Through our research is where most of our money will be made.

After launching the company, Nootripure’s products are finally available for shipping all over the world? Did you have any problems with different supplements legistlation in countries? 

James St. James: Yes, of course. But our financial, logistical, and legal team are kicking ass. We can safely ship to any country in the world.

As a citizen of the EU what I should know about the new products in town?

James St. James: That no longer do you have to settle for less. Fortunately, any shipment under $100 value does not have the VAT tax applied, so it should be pretty easy to get your Nootripure products delivered. 

Nootropic Blend: Thank you!

Nootripure Laboratories

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